British Conservative Theresa May’s Windrush scandal

This 20 April 2018 video about London, England says about itself:

A major solidarity protest has taken place in the London neighborhood of Brixton, to support the amnesty calls for the Windrush generation.

THE resignation of Theresa May’s “human shield” leaves the Prime Minister with “questions to answer” over her own time at the Home Office, Jeremy Corbyn said today. Home secretary Amber Rudd finally caved in to the pressure last night, becoming the fifth enforced departure from the Cabinet since last year’s election. She quit after a leaked letter revealed she had misled the House of Commons over the existence of deportation targets: here.

CAMPAIGNERS are calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to stop a charter flight of mass deportations to Jamaica, which could go ahead on Friday. Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (Barac) has released an online petition asking for public support: here.

Theresa May reveals she did know about deportation targets – hours after Cabinet member suggests she didn’t. Prime minister under pressure to explain why she did not point out that Amber Rudd – when denying the targets existed – had misled parliament: here.

Don’t let Rudd’s departure distract from a toxic policy that needs to die, by David Lammy. The Windrush generation will not get justice until it is the law that is changed, not just the home secretary: here.

Demonstrators protest against the hostile environment immigration policy outside the Home Office in Westminster, London, this morning

THE HOME OFFICE in London was blockaded by migrant solidarity campaigners today demanding an end to the “hostile environment” created by the government against immigrants. The blockade took place just hours after Amber Rudd resigned as home secretary in disgrace over the shocking treatment of Windrush generation migrant workers. The blockade was organised by campaign group Global Justice Now: here.

Avoiding healthcare, avoiding travel and keeping their heads down. PETER LAZENBY talks to Manchester lawyers about the upsurge in BAME people contacting them afraid of accessing services or having any government contact due to its hostile immigration policy.

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