President Trump not welcome in Britain

This video from London, England says about itself:

22 February 2017

A short snapshot of my very first protest organised by the Stop Trump Coalition and One Day Without US. As well as, an unboxing of my Trump Cushion. Always a sucker for a novelty item, especially one for such a great initiative.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Donald Trump: Orange monster threatens Britain

The US President says he plans to visit next year

MASS protests are back on the agenda after US President Donald Trump said he will make an official visit to Britain this year after all.

Demonstrations are already being planned by the broad-based Stop Trump Coalition, which involves more than 40 campaigning organisations, a dozen MPs, the TUC, 13 individual trade unions, academics, journalists and others.

Campaigners will be organising protests months in advance to maximise pressure on the government to withdraw the invite.

Global Justice Now director Nick Dearden, whose group is part of the Stop Trump campaign, said: “The most divisive and dangerous US president of modern times has once again threatened to come to Britain following an embarrassing press conference with Theresa May.

“The Stop Trump Coalition has already put Trump off coming to London twice and we look forward to making it third time unlucky.

“If he does come, make no mistake, there will be massive demonstrations and protests to show exactly how we feel about this US president and to give voice to those whom he has attacked and demeaned.”

He noted that the Prime Minister’s invitation to Mr Trump to visit shortly after his election had been “unprecedented” and “in no way reflected what the British people think of this man.

“Theresa May should never have offered a state visit to Trump, particularly at a time when he’d just entered office on the back of a disgraceful, hate-filled campaign. She has no-one but herself to blame for this embarrassing situation.

“It’s astonishing that May can happily sit by while Trump says: ‘We have the same ideas and the same ideals’, but, given May’s own horrible history of demonising migrants and creating a hostile environment for them, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

“We will continue working to make sure Trump understands he’s not welcome here and to fight against those aspects of the British government’s own shameful migration policy.”

The first major protest will take place in London on March 17.

Campaign group Stand up to Racism will stage a demonstration celebrating United Nations Anti-Racism Day, with the combined theme of opposition to the Trump visit.

The London protest will be co-ordinated with other events in Glasgow, Cardiff, across Europe and in the US.

Stand Up To Racism joint convener Sabby Dhalu said: “Someone who describes African, Asian and Latin American countries as ‘shitholes’ should not be welcomed to Britain.

Racist attacks are on the rise in the US. At a time when racist attacks are increasing here, a Trump visit could further exacerbate racism.

“In the event of a Trump visit, anti-racists will take to the streets in large numbers.”

The billionaire bigot announced that his visit was back on at a cringe-inducingly embarrassing media conference at the World Economic Forum annual gathering in Davos, Switzerland, where politicians rub shoulders with super-rich business leaders.

THE BRITISH ARE PLANNING A massive protest for President Donald Trump’s unconfirmed visit to London in October. [HuffPost]

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