British Big Businessmen’s mass sexual assault

This video from Britain says about itself:

Female journalist goes undercover at posh ‘men only’ London fundraiser, reports…

24 January 2018

Each year, for 33 years, “The President’s Club Charitable Trust” has organized a fundraising dinner at London’s exclusive Dorchester Hotel to benefit “worthy children’s causes.”

Great Ormond Street Hospital to return all President’s Club donations. An all-male dinner is branded a “lady zoo” after reports staff were groped, sexually harassed and propositioned: here.

So, President’s Club. Looks like President Donald Trump’s Club.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

British Big Businessmen harass hostesses sexually on charity night

Today, 12:54

Adapted at 13:52

An annual charity night of high-ranking men from the British banking world, politics, entertainment industry and fashion world has resulted in a series of assaults and other sexually transgressive behavior. 130 hostesses had been instructed by the organization to wear tight black miniskirts, matching underwear and high heels.

A Financial Times journalist, Madison Marriage, went undercover to the event and describes how she and colleagues were harassed verbally, groped under their skirts and intimidated otherwise. A man even showed his genitals to one of the women. “It can not be described, there was an enormous amount of testosterone in the air”, said Marriage to the BBC.

Unsolicited kissing

The newspaper states that at the six-hour event, visitors asked the women whether they were prostitutes and whether they wanted to come along to hotel rooms. Hostesses describe that the men could not keep their hands off their buttocks and hips. They are also said to have tried to kiss them against their will.

At the ladies’ toilet room, the organization monitored how long the hostesses stayed inside. If they were on the toilet for too long, then they were sent back to the big hall. Women who, according to the organization, did not pay enough attention to the men were reprimanded.

Although the rumour had been going on for some time that there were assaults on the annual night, that did not appear in the media before. Marriage knew the stories, but many other hostesses were unpleasantly surprised. …

The charity night of The President’s Club Charitable Trust has been organized for 33 years and this year was dedicated to a London children’s hospital. The children’s hospital, Great Ormond Street, will return the collected amount to the organization. “We would never accept money collected in this way”, says the hospital.

Among other prizes, a lunch with Minister of Foreign Affairs Johnson and a tea appointment with Governor Carney of the Bank of England were auctioned. The auction was compered by Sky News presenter Jonny Gould, who introduced the evening as “the least politically correct event of the year”.

The Financial Times does not mention names of men who were there, but it does have a guest list. According to the BBC, the British [Conservative] State Secretary for Education, Nadhim Zahawi, was in any case present. … British politicians speak of nauseating behaviour by the visitors of the evening.

Groping, grabbing, grinding against women young enough to be their daughters: time’s up for the sad old men of the President’s Club: here.

The President’s Club dinner gave men a seat at the table but put women on the menu: here.

A man who helped organise a men-only charity dinner, where hostesses were allegedly groped, has quit the [Conservative government’s] Department for Education board: here.

UPDATE: The President’s Club says it is to close following allegations that hostesses were groped at its men-only annual charity dinner: here.

But it looks like the President’s Club is just the tip of the iceberg.

Conservative club

Theresa May is facing renewed calls to sack Children and Families Minister Nadhim Zahawi over his attendance at an elite men-only dinner where guests harassed and groped female staff: here.

Presidents Club scandal: I was regularly molested during decades as a London hostess to rich and powerful men. This is what it’s like. Clare Solomon has worked in the hostessing world for 27 years. A single mother strapped for cash, she recalls being ‘encouraged to degrade herself’ but unable to complain for fear of losing her job: here.

Presidents Club proves the habits of the expense-rich sexist old boys network will die hard. After the male-dominated business environment of old, and the lap dancing on expenses culture of the Nineties, things may be changing, but slowly and mainly because of worries about budgets and bribery allegations: here.

Sexual Harassment Presidents Club’s fundraiser sleaze underlines the need for worker protection laws, says Unite: here.

Men-only clubs and menace: how the establishment maintains male power: here.

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