Anti-racist demonstration, Amsterdam 18 March

This video from the Netherlands is called Anti Racism Demonstration – Amsterdam 22 March 2014.

Translated from AT5, the local broadcaster of Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

Various political parties and action groups will demonstrate on March 18 at the Dam square. They want to warn against … ‘racist parties’ like the PVV [of Geert Wilders] and Forum for Democracy [of Thierry Baudet. Baudet and French Jean-Marie Le Pen: here].

The [59] organizations have joined forces under the name Committee 21 March. That is not only the day of the municipal elections

and of the referendum about the government’s plan to attack Internet privacy by legalizing spying on all citizens

, but also the international day against racism. ‘No racists in the municipal councils’ is the slogan of the movement.

Refugees, Muslims and others serve as scapegoats for existing socio-economic problems. We want to warn against the growing influence of the extreme right. If nothing is done against normalizing of racism, then it will only grow’, says spokeswoman Saida Derrazi. She thinks that the Amsterdam leader of the Forum for Democracy, Annabel Nanninga, has made racist statements in the past. …

The kickoff of the committee last night was in the Emir Sultan mosque, where a decapitated doll was left behind last week by an extreme right-wing group.

Among the 59 organisations in this coalition are, eg, the Amsterdam Women’s March, the international relations committee of the FNV trade union federation, and the political parties PvdA, Socialist Party and GroenLinks.

REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE! – 10,000 march against racism in London: here.

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