Women’s March in Amsterdam, thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators

Syrian, Dutch anti-Trump demonstrators, photo by Eva Hofman

This 21 January 2017 photo by Eva Hofman from the Museumplein square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands shows two of the thousands of participants of the Women’s March against Donald Trump (and his Dutch fan Geert Wilders) there.

From Amsterdam daily Het Parool today (translated) about this:

“Everyone is equal and welcome”

Merel Graeve (28) is protesting together with her Syrian boyfriend Hussain Haj Younes (25) against xenophobia. “I do not think there should be stronger borders. Everyone is equal and welcome, especially those who need security.”

Tessa (9, from the USA) and Laura (8, from Amsterdam) made a banner together. “Trump is an idiot,” says Laura. “And he says stupid things about women.” “And he wants to build a wall in the desert” adds Tessa.

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