Anti-Trump demonstration, Amsterdam

Anti-Trump and Wilders demonstrators, Amsterdam, 20 January 2017, photo © Annet de Graaf

This 20 January 2017 photo by Annet de Graaf shows demonstrators in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, against Donald Trump and his Dutch fan Geert Wilders.

The sign at the front says Stop the hatred! Together against Trump and Wilders!

About 1000 demonstrators participated.

LGBT rights page disappears from White House web site: here.

7 thoughts on “Anti-Trump demonstration, Amsterdam

  1. Friday 20th January 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    ANTI-RACIST campaigners will express their anger over the inauguration of Donald Trump in over 20 towns and cities across Britain today in solidarity with protesters across the pond.

    It is clearly a matter for US citizens alone to decide who is their president — and the alternatives offered were less than enticing — but their choice affects the whole world.

    It beggars belief that a country with a population of 325 million could narrow down the decision facing the electorate to a binary choice between a warmongering Wall Street shill with an aura of entitlement and a brash billionaire bigot ready to spout vile racist abuse any time he believes it will help his cause.

    Racism is the only accurate description for Trump’s casual threat to ban Muslims from entering the US or his ludicrous pledge to build a giant wall — at Mexico’s expense — on the Mexican border to keep Mexicans out.

    His sexism is equally marked, as is his contempt for the almost universally held belief among scientists that human activity causing climate change should be curbed and indeed reversed.

    Trump’s vanquished opponent Hillary Clinton would never have given vent to such obviously obnoxious expressions of bigotry and prejudice, but she shares the assumptions of the US ruling class.

    Her backing for regime change in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa reflects contempt for the aspirations of people in these regions unless they can be exploited, as in the so-called Arab Spring, to the benefit of US imperialism.

    She, in common with other leaders of the US Democratic Party, has been adept at paying lip service to the equality demands of national minorities and calls for jobs and better living standards for working people, or the “middle class,” as they are known in the US.

    But when Wall Street demands free trade treaties that involve jobs being exported overseas and pay levels being degraded, national minorities and organised labour are cast aside.

    Trump was able to profit electorally from the Democrats’ record of letting down the working class by claiming that he will bring back “US jobs” and invest a trillion dollars in infrastructure renewal to boost employment.

    He boasted that a mere threat to put import taxes on cars produced in Mexico had reversed plans for a large new car factory there, but the president-elect is no friend of workers of any colour or nationality.

    His record of union non-recognition, employment of labour at starvation rates and arranging accounts so that his companies pay zero federal taxes illustrates clearly his priorities.

    Trump’s corporate agenda is aimed at “encouraging” business by eradicating so-called red tape, such as health, safety and environmental standards that are supposedly holding back the sacred cause of maximising profit.

    Excusing businesses from paying taxes means that there will be insufficient funding for public services such as education, health and welfare.

    This could put the Trump administration on a confrontation course with the organised movement.

    At the same time, despite his presidential campaign pledges of opposition to wasteful overseas wars, his aggressive stance towards China and possible swift cooling of relations with Moscow could reintroduce the threat of war.

    If the US working class turns in on itself, seeking domestic and global scapegoats rather than organising against the political and economic elite represented by Clinton and Trump, it will destroy itself.

    Only a class-motivated response to the ruling elite’s divide-and-rule strategy can deliver a firm rebuff to the warmongers and capitalist exploiters and lay the basis for a real progressive alternative.


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