Anti-Trump and Wilders demonstration, Amsterdam

This is a video about the demonstration against Donald Trump and his Dutch fan Geert Wilders in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 20 December 2017.

This video is an interview with Ms Anne Fleur Dekker, organiser of the 20 December Amsterdam demonstration. A report on that demonstration is here. A text of a speech at that demonstration is here. A report is here.

This is another video about the 20 December demonstration.

Today, at 12 at noon at the Museumplein in Amsterdam, there will be one of the many women’s marches against Trump all over the world.

6 thoughts on “Anti-Trump and Wilders demonstration, Amsterdam

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  5. Dear friends across the Netherlands,

    Great news! Avaaz just ran a public poll and three quarters of Dutch people reject Trump’s divisive travel ban!

    Two thirds also say they are less likely to vote for a candidate who would bring a similar ban to the Netherlands. That’s bad news for Wilders! Our poll can show Dutch politicians that flirting with racism isn’t just wrong, it’ll also cost them votes.

    There’s only five weeks til the elections. Click to see the full results of the poll and forward them to key party leaders — the more of us that send this message now, the quicker they’ll see that islamophobia and banning refugees is hugely unpopular:

    See the poll results and take action

    Fear-mongering and religious scapegoating has gained momentum across the Netherlands and the world. We all want security and our democracy needs a genuine, well-informed debate on the best migration policies. But this poll shows the Dutch humanitarian spirit prevails for those fleeing war, and most Dutch citizens do not want a racist immigration policy.

    Let’s show key party leaders that in these last campaigning weeks we don’t want inflammatory rhetoric that betrays Dutch values of inclusion and empathy.

    History has shown that policies like these don’t make us safer. Let’s make sure politicians across the country know we don’t want them — send them a message now:

    See the poll results and take action

    A record-breaking 5 Million Avaazers have signed the open letter to reject Trump’s brand of division — over 200,000 in the Netherlands alone! The Dutch have a proud history of internationalism and openness — let’s come together to show the people running for government that the large majority of Dutch people want to keep it that way.

    With hope,

    Alice, Antonia, Lisa, Anneke, Christoph, Daniel and the whole Avaaz team


    Populist Geert Wilders Praises Donald Trump’s Travel Bans (New York Times)

    More than four million people sign global open letter to Donald Trump in wake of ‘Muslim ban’ (The Independent)

    Dear Mr. Trump (Avaaz open letter – now signed by over 5 million people)


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