Dutch anti-Trump demonstration, 20 January, Amsterdam

This video from the USA says about itself:

National Park Service Trying To Block Protests At Trump Inauguration

9 December 2016

Thousands of women have made the pledge to protest Donald Trump‘s inauguration next month, but potential protesters are running into issues with the National Park Service. Issues some organizers are calling “an illegal abridgment of First Amendment rights.”

The protesters had planned to gather and demonstrate at the Lincoln Memorial, and then participate in what’s been called the Women’s March.

The National Park Service has filed a blocking permit for the Lincoln Memorial, Pennsylvania Avenue and the Washington Monument, all popular protest sites.

“This is always the way it happens,” said a spokesperson for the Park Service.

But at a press conference, attorney and leader of the Partnership For Civil Justice Fund Mara Verhayden-Hilliard told reporters, “This is an extraordinary land grab. It’s having, I think, the intended stifling effect. It’s having a distinctive negative [effect] on people’s ability to organize.”

The Women’s March demonstrators are now tentatively planning on protesting at the National Mall.

UPDATE: There finally is a location for the 2017 women’s march.

By Ewout van den Berg and Abdou Menebhi on Facebook in the Netherlands (translated):

Friday, January 20th, 2017 from 19:00 to 22:00 UTC + 01

US American Consulate
Museumplein 19 1071 DJ Amsterdam

We call on everyone who is concerned about the current political climate to join in this protest during the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States. After decades of austerity policies he succeeded in winning the election with a campaign of racism and sexism. Trump will not improve the world, he will only serve the interests of the elite. His policies pose a direct threat to the climate and the position of women, immigrants, working people and the LGBT community. Together we speak out against this!

The demonstration is also against European politicians with similarities to Trump, like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Marine Le Pen in France. The slogans are:

Stop the cuts, people before profit!
Sexism and racism: less, less, less of it!

An allusion to the xenophobic saying by Geert Wilders that there should be ‘less, less, less’ Moroccans in the Netherlands

Stop warmongering!
Refugees are welcome, save lives!
Make the climate great again!

22 thoughts on “Dutch anti-Trump demonstration, 20 January, Amsterdam

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  2. Saturday 10th December 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    ISLAMOPHOBIC Dutch politician Geert Wilders got off scot free yesterday despite being convicted of hate speech against Moroccan immigrants.

    Presiding Judge Hendrik Steenhuis said the court would not impose a sentence on the Party for Freedom leader because the conviction was punishment enough for an MP.

    Mr Wilders was not in court for the verdict, which was issued just over three months before a general election that his party is expected to win.

    Reacting in a video message, he claimed to be the victim of a “political trial.”

    The charges concerned comments made by Mr Wilders before and after local elections in 2014.

    At one meeting, he asked supporters whether they wanted more or fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. That sparked a chant of “Fewer! Fewer! Fewer!” — to which he replied: “We’ll take care of it.”



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  6. Congressman Alan Grayson was on national TV again this week, speaking out against the “Intelligence Industrial Complex’s” continuing effort to keep us all in the dark. Here’s what he said:

    RT’s Lindsay France: [Democratic Senators just called for the release of classified information about Russian interference in the Presidential election.] Timing seem off? Is it a hit at Trump’s win? Why not before the election? Obviously, we deserve to know, but why now?

    GRAYSON: Well, the only rational explanation would be is that it’s new information. I tend to think it’s probably not new information. I think it probably was available beforehand and the Democrats wish that they had made this effort before the election, but they’re doing it belatedly, as sort of a second chance here.

    LF: Maybe, a second chance to argue that Hillary… that the election was stolen from her.

    GRAYSON: Well if that’s what the evidence shows . . . . We don’t know until we see it, and the public should have a right to know. That’s the odd thing about all of this. Why is it that these dozen Democratic senators are the ones who should be bringing it to the public’s attention? Why doesn’t our own government let us try to know information like this? Why isn’t there a process in place to let the public know what it needs to know, in order to make the right decisions?Think about that. We call ourselves a democracy, and yet the candidate who won the popular vote – not narrowly, but by 2.7 million, which is more than the total number of people in fifty different nations – she is denied victory. Howzat?

    LF: So, to go along with that, listen, seventeen agencies claim they’ve got good information on this. Harry Reid says the FBI Director has explosive information on the ties—Trump’s ties to Russia, aside from the election, meddling. Why? Why is with all this explosive information, why isn’t there more of a push against what you said? Why hasn’t anyone come out and said everyone deserves to know? Right now seems to be the only time that’s being talked about.

    GRAYSON: Well look, we live under a regime called Intelligence Industrial Complex. This controls the flow of information in our society. One million people are first-class citizens — they are the ones who have access to classified information, like me. I am one of them. And the other 300-million-plus Americans are second-class citizens. They only know what the Intelligence Industrial Complex wants them to know. And that’s a sad situation. I fought against that the entire time I have been in Congress, but we really haven’t made any progress whatsoever. This concept that the public has the right to know is completely antithetic to the way that the government actually works in America today.

    LF: What’s been the discussion in your circle about the push for people to know? Or is it the parties are saying: it’s a push for people to know when we think they have a right to know, when it’s politically viable for us, when we want to push our agenda. Is that a feeling you get?

    GRAYSON: One of the few things you find Democrats and Republicans agree on right down the line is the sense that the public must be kept in the dark, and it’s a shameful thing. You know one of the few committees that you get appointed to, rather than you getting selected by the body as a whole, is the Intelligence Committee. On the House Intelligence Committee, on the Democratic side, one person makes that decision, and it’s Nancy Pelosi. It’s called the “Select” Committee. And on both sides of the aisle, people are chosen for that committee on one sole criterion, which is that they are “reliable,” in the sense will they toe the line, and make sure that classified information remains classified. That’s the only criterion that seems actually to matter. It’s not people who are actually going to be able to feel out the best way forward for foreign policy, or military policy, or anything that intelligence typically relates to — how to keep the country safe, for instance. But [rather,] simply, “can we count on you to keep your mouth shut?”.

    LF: Stand in line, toe the line. You’re right. At the DNC, we thought there’d be a shake-up, but some people thought there’d be a shake-up, not everybody. Nancy Pelosi [is still] carrying the crown, Tim Ryan left out. What do you think about that? Is it bad? Is it good?

    GRAYSON: Well, it leaves the party where it was. The party strategy right now is essentially to hope that Donald Trump screws up, and that’s a good bet. We’ll see how that works out over time. There’s no sign that Trump knows anything about being a President of the United States, or moving the country in a positive direction. And I think a lot of Democrats are feeling this is just like it was under George W. Bush. He opened up the majority to us, and they think that Donald Trump would do the same. I would hope that we would be more proactive, that we would be looking for a way forward. I’d hope that someone would step forward and say, “Here are some promises that we should make to America,” and convince them that we will keep these promises. For instance, expanding Social Security and Medicare. For instance, providing universal, affordable healthcare. And so on, down the line. I think that Bernie Sanders’s progress just on the single relatively narrow issue of making college affordable, which affects only a few million people in a large country like ours, showed the dynamism of making promises in politics and keeping them.

    Talking to the voters about how to make our lives better – how quaint! If you think that that’s the winning formula for progressive Democrats, then click right here, and show your support >>

    Courage, now more than ever,

    Rep. Alan Grayson


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