Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy’s corruption scandal

This video says about itself:

10 July 2013

On the streets of Madrid there has been a clear message to Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. “Go to jail,” chanted hundreds of protesters in the wake of fresh allegations of corruption in the ruling People’s Party.

Spain’s second largest daily newspaper [right-wing] El Mundo which has played a key role in uncovering other scandals has published what it says are original documents showing payments from an illicit slush fund operated by the PP.

“We are in an unsustainable situation, at our limit. We are being ruled by a delinquent government, supported by criminal structure which is the party and consequently we are in a corrupt system that cannot take it anymore,” said one of the protesters.

Another added, “We have over six million out of work, we have a massive brain drain, we have an excess of qualified people at universities who must emigrate and we can’t take that anymore.”

The documents published in El Mundo show the name of Mariano Rajoy and two payments of 12,600 euros. El Mundo has handed them over to the High Court.

The ledger was reportedly operated by former party treasurer Luis Bárcenas. He is being held in custody in a separate corruption case accused of tax fraud and receiving illegal payments.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Spanish Prime Minister called as a witness in bribery trial

Today, 14:43

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has to appear in court as a witness in a corruption trial. The National Court has called him in the Gurtel trial against several members of Rajoy’s Popular Party (PP).

In this court case 37 people stand accused, including two treasurers of the ruling party. After a lengthy investigation the Spanish Public Prosecutor suspects these politicians of bribery, forgery and tax evasion.

They are said to have constituted a criminal network with a Spanish businessman at its head. The members abused their power for years and have accepted bribes in exchange for contracts.

The Popular Party itself is at issue, that conservative party is said to have benefited from illegal funds. The case has been around for a while. Already in November 2014 the Spanish Health Minister Ana Mato had to resign. …

The PP still won the election last year, but lost the absolute majority. Prime Minister Rajoy therefore leads a minority government.

Just four months after coming to power as a minority government with the help of the Socialist Party (PSOE) and the Citizens party, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s Popular Party (PP) administration is beset by yet another corruption scandal. According to the latest survey, 45 percent of voters say corruption is one of the three main problems facing Spain, an increase of almost 10 points since January. The revelations in the “Caso Lezo” (Lezo Case) show once again the outright criminality that lay at the heart of the country’s now-shipwrecked real estate-based economic boom. It is the latest in a long list of corruption scandals affecting one major Spanish institution after another: here.

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