Trump to Britain, 3-5 June, big protests expected

This 13 July 2018 video by TIME magazine in the USA says about itself:

Protesters Gather In London To March In Protest Of President Trump’s U.K. Visit

A day of planned mass protests against President Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom kicked off in dramatic fashion, as the U.S. President walked back a series of explosive comments about Britain’s leaders to a tabloid newspaper.

According to Dutch NOS TV today, there will be a state visit by Donald Trump to Britain, 3-5 June.

Apparently, Trump´s British Conservative poodle, Prime Minister Theresa May, arranged this. While her minority administration suffers defeat after defeat in parliament. While her Conservative party is hopelessly divided and stands to be trounced by the electorate during the 23 May European parliament elections … if these elections will go ahead.

There will be very big protests against Trump visiting Britain, as the British Stand Up To Trump coalition says.

5 thoughts on “Trump to Britain, 3-5 June, big protests expected

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