Donald Trump makes Londoners’ lives miserable

This 10 July 2018 video from England says about itself:

Huge US military aircraft hover over London park as Trump visit gets underway

This is the sinister moment two huge US military aircraft hover over Regent’s Park in London as the build-up to Donald Trump’s visit gathers pace.

Park-goers enjoying the sunshine were interrupted by the V22 Osprey tiltrotor military aircraft, which can take off and land vertically.

They whipped up grass and litter as they skimmed the treetops on Monday afternoon.

A 3 June 2019 video used to say about itself:

Fears ‘world is ending’ as Trump‘s huge helicopter escort shakes homes

Londoners moaned on social media that Donald Trump‘s huge helicopter entourage sent houses shaking and played havoc with TV signals.

The US President, 72, made the journey from Stansted Airport to central London in a White Hawk, a Marine One helicopter, after arriving on British soil.

His large helicopter entourage, which features decoy Marine One choppers, caused havoc with residents in and around north London. Many complained online of the huge noise as they flew within metres over homes.

Donald Trump’s helicopter, Marine One, just knocked out our television signal”, tweeted one person. Another furious Twitter user added: “Donald Trump just woke me UP flying over in his helicopter legit 20 metres away from our roof. THANK U FOR CAUSING ME IMMEDIATE ANXIETY FIRST THING IN THE MORNING I THOUGHT THE WORLD WAS ENDING.”

And a third posted: “Room starts vibrating, look out the window and see a crazy looking green helicopter flying over my street. “I did some googling and I’m 99% certain that Donald Trump just flew over my flat. If that isn’t an omen for Monday I don’t know what is. Ew.”

Some shared photos and videos of the helicopters hovering low in the London skies. … Some on the social media platform said they couldn’t sleep as a result of the din. Others joked the politician should have taken an Uber.

Mr Trump is on British soil for the most expensive state visit in British history and likely the most controversial.

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