Uber drivers in Qatar strike

This 3 August 2016 video is called Qatar taxi drivers’ strike continues,

Let us go from 2016 till now.

From the World Socialist Web Site today:

Strike of Uber drivers in Qatar

Taxi drivers using the Uber phone app in Qatar stayed away from work Monday, in a protest against Uber cutting the price of taxi fares and requiring drivers to present an upfront cost prior to the journey.

Uber drivers say the upfront pricing can leave them out of pocket if a client requests detours or additional stops. Uber is imposing the lower fares in an attempt to compete with local firms. Many taxi drivers in Qatar are immigrant workers, many from Ethiopia, Nepal and India.

This strike is courageous; as in the dictatorial Qatari monarchy workers are often oppressed badly.

ERIC HOLDER TO SPEARHEAD OUTSIDE INVESTIGATION INTO ALLEGATIONS ABOUT UBER’S CULTURE The former U.S. Attorney has been tapped to investigate former employee Susan Fowler’s allegations that Uber fostered an environment of sexual harassment. You can read Fowler’s original post here. [HuffPost]

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