Stand Up to Trump Britain update

This video from England says about itself:

30 January 2017

In response to the xenophobic and racist executive order signed by Donald Trump, the new president of United States of America, which immediately barred entry to the US to any national of countries (namely Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen) which have been most damaged by past and present US adventurism and violence sponsored by the US government or its allies or carried out directly by the US military and/or those of its allies, regardless of whether these nationals were US residents/citizens, protests erupted around the world. Protests were held in the UK, on the 30th of January 2017, as an emergency show of public disapproval of the executive order as well as disapproval of the reaction of United Kingdom’s prime minister, Theresa May, who had already invited Donald Trump to a state visit to the UK and refused to rebuke the executive order, which was signed by Trump shortly after her visit with him at the White House, where they were photographed holding hands while walking together.

This video shows highlights of protests held at Whitehall, London, opposite Downing Street (the UK prime minister’s official residence). More details on protests held around the UK on this day can be found here.

Some of the common slogans shouted by demonstrators in London, who had completely packed the length of Whitehall (from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square), were:

Shame on (Theresa) May,
Say it loud. Say it clear. Refugees are welcome here,
No state visit,
No Trump. No KKK. No Fascist USA.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Campaign to dump Trump gathers steam

Saturday 18th February 2017

Hundreds gather to plan state visit protest

HUNDREDS of people are gathering in central London today to demand that Prime Minister Theresa May cancel a planned state visit for US President Donald Trump.

The newly formed Stand Up to Trump committee — a broad coalition of trade unions, Muslim organisations and campaign groups — is holding a national organising summit to stop the billionaire bigot’s state visit to Britain, which is expected to take place over the summer.

Activists have vowed to hold the “biggest ever protest in British history” if his visit goes ahead.

The summit takes place as Mr Trump has escalated his attacks on minorities, with a leaked memo documenting chilling plans to mobilise 100,000 reserve troops to round up millions of unauthorised immigrants in the US.

It would be the first time that national guards would be used on immigration matters away from the Mexican border, with troop deployments potentially taking place in Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

The document states that troops would be used “to perform the functions of an immigration officer in relation to the investigation, apprehension and detention of aliens in the United States.”

Census data suggests that almost half of the country’s 11.1 million “unauthorised” immigrants live in the 11 states targeted.

A Stand Up to Trump spokesman said: “A new movement is being born to impress upon Theresa May and her government our opposition to US President Donald Trump being accorded a state visit or any official visit to this country.

Racism, sexism, misogyny, Islamophobia, antisemitism, homophobia, war-mongering, climate change denial or policies designed to boost the wealth of the already super-rich should not be rewarded or celebrated in this country.

“Most people in Britain want no part of it. They do not expect our government to condone or celebrate such policies or the values that stand behind them. That is why we say no Trump in Britain.”

Stand Up to Trump has called for the biggest possible demonstration outside Parliament on Monday February 20 from 3pm to coincide with the Westminster Hall debate on the visit, triggered after a petition gathered 1.8m signatures.

DONALD TRUMP’S stumbling administration took another blow on Thursday evening when retired vice-admiral Robert Harward turned down an offer to be the president’s new national security adviser: here.

Some of the statements coming out of the White House such as the idea that more countries should get nuclear weapons or that climate change is a Chinese hoax may appear deranged but actually do constitute a real threat that needs to be vigorously opposed, says KEN LIVINGSTONE.

UNION and worker lobbying, combined with GOP senators’ qualms about his issue stands and business practices, forced fast food magnate Andrew Puzder to drop out of being Donald Trump’s nominee as secretary of labour earlier this week: here.

UK PAPER WANTS TRUMP’S VISIT WITH QUEEN NIXED An editorial in The Observer newspaper on Sunday called for the cancellation of Trump’s upcoming state visit to the U.K. in the wake of the Mueller report. “The prospect of Donald Trump making a state visit to Britain in June is stomach-churning,” the Sunday sister paper of The Guardian wrote. [HuffPost]

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  8. Monday 3rd July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    THERESA MAY has been accused of being “insensitive” to growing public anger in her desire to push ahead with Donald Trump’s state visit.

    Former shadow minister and veteran Labour MP Paul Flynn wrote to the PM asking her to cancel or postpone the invitation given there was “widespread talk of impeachment” surrounding Mr Trump.

    However Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan said the government stood by the invitation.

    Writing to Mr Flynn, revealed today, he insisted the event was an opportunity to “further advance” the close relationship between the US and Britain.

    Mr Duncan said British officials have yet to finalise what the US president would do on his visit while also reiterating no date has been fixed for the controversial event.

    He wrote: “You will be aware, as the member of the petitions committee who led the debate in Westminster Hall on February 20, that I said ‘this is a special moment for the special relationship.

    “The visit should happen. The visit will happen.” The precise timing and programme for the visit is yet to be finalised.

    “The government’s position has not changed on this matter, the US is one of our closest allies and a state visit is an opportunity to further advance that important relationship.”

    Mr Flynn criticised the government’s stance and said opposition has “almost certainly risen” since the invitation was debated in Parliament in February, which was triggered by a petition claiming a state visit would “cause embarrassment” to Elizabeth Windsor.

    The petition attracted more than 1.8 million signatures while a separate one backing Mr Trump’s state visit received 317,542 signatures.

    And the visit received no mention in the Queen’s Speech, fuelling speculation it had been put on the backburner.

    This came after the White House denied reports Mr Trump had told Ms May he did not want to go ahead with the trip if it is going to lead to large-scale demonstrations.

    Mr Flynn accused the government of being insensitive and said: “An invitation was premature at best and entirely misconceived at worst.

    “Almost two million people signed a petition objecting to the visit in February.

    “Since then the number objecting has almost certainly risen and there was an absence of a mention of the visit by the Queen.”


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