Big Dutch The Hague demonstration against Trump’s xenophobia

This 1 February 2017 video is about the big demonstration today on the Malieveld in The Hague, the Netherlands, against the xenophobic policies of United States President Trump.

And so is this video.

And so is this video.

And so is this video.

NOS TV reports (translated):

On stage, Secretary Bussemaker (Culture, PvdA party) spoke on behalf of the Dutch government. She called the decision by Trump a slap in the face to all those who fight for freedom and equality. She said she stands next to the protesters and that this is “about values” .

“I have long thought that the closing of borders was nothing more than hollow campaign rhetoric, but those poisonous words have become reality,” she said.

Many demonstrators had placards with them with texts against Trump and for tolerance. Some protesters also chanted slogans like No fear, no hate and Make love great again, referring to Trump’s campaign slogan Make America Great again.

Photos are here.

After the rally on the Malieveld, demonstrators tried to march to the United States embassy at the Lange Voorhout. However, police stopped them.

These two videos by Dutch right-wing daily De Telegraaf are about the Malieveld rally.

And this video is about a 31 January 2017 demonstration against Trump in Amsterdam.

11 thoughts on “Big Dutch The Hague demonstration against Trump’s xenophobia

  1. Britain:

    4 February, London: Assemble 11am Saturday 4th February at the US Embassy 24 Grosvenor Square, London W1A 2LQ followed by a march to Downing St.

    This follows action on 30 January against Trump and his anti-migrant and anti-Muslim “executive order”.


    Leicester: meet at the Clock Tower, 5.30 20:41




    Nottingham and Beeston



    and also on Wednesday 1st Feb












    Academics in the USA have launched an online protest which, as of Sunday evening UK time, had nearly 5000 signatures including 35 Nobel Laureates and 34 winners of Fields/Dirac/Clark/Turing/Poincare Medals, Breakthrough Prize, Pulitzer Prize, MacArthur Fellowship.


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