8 thoughts on “Transport workers against Trump’s xenophobia

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  2. I never thought of the fact that the ban affects airport workers, especially flight attendants and pilots.

    Even though my family and I are from the Caribbean we cancelled all our international travel plans.

    An immigrant-owned travel agency I work with also had a meeting tonight and cancelled our long-anticipated trip to Dubai.

    We know better than to assume the ban won’t affect other immigrants. It’s probably only a matter of time..


    • Thank you for this information, Alexis!

      I hope things will improve for your family. Resistance works. Even the hardline Trump administration already had to make a few concessions (eg, for British people) because of worldwide strong opposition.

      You are right about other immigrants. Eg, a (non-Muslim) Armenian Austrian pianist had to cancel her United States tour because of new US rules:


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      • For us, it’s not about resistance. We were advised not to travel. Spending our vacation time inside the US economy, is actually beneficial to the US. We leave the resisting to the citizens who can’t be deported.

        I heard he wants to “destroy” those amendments/concessions, so we’ll see how long they last. I’m not feeling hopeful about this at all.


        • All my best wishes for you and your family!

          I think eventually the opposition will grow, even among Trump voters who will see that the promised better standard of living does not materialize.


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