Iranians stuck at Dutch airport by Trump

Anti-Trump demonstrators at Schiphol airport, ANP photo

This photo shows participants in the demonstration last Sunday at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands against the anti-refugee and anti-immigrant policies of United States President Donald Trump. Among the slogans on the signs are (translated): ‘Wilders [Dutch Trump fan] extremist’; ‘Dump Trump. Stop sexual abuse‘ and ‘Trump psychopath’.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Six Iranians since Saturday stuck at Schiphol because of US entry ban

Today, 04:16

Six Iranians are staying since last weekend in a lounge area behind the passport control at Schiphol. They were flying KLM from Tehran to the United States when the entry ban by President Trump for people from seven Muslim countries came. When they wanted to change planes they were not allowed through at Schiphol. …

It involves two elderly couples who wanted to visit their children in the United States. “They had not seen their children for five years and spent a year getting visas.” The other two are young scientists who would do research at a university.

A doctor and an engineer.

Anti-Trump demonstrators at Schiphol, Sunday 30 January, photo Alexander Schippers, ANP

This is another photo of the 29 January demonstration at Schiphol. Slogans include: ‘No hatred against Jews then, no hatred against Muslims now‘.

NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR MICHAEL FLYNN PUTS IRAN ‘ON NOTICE’ FOLLOWING BALLISTIC MISSILE TEST The move could foreshadow “more aggressive economic and diplomatic measures against Iran.” [Reuters]

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