Demonstration against Trump’s xenophobia at Dutch airport

Anti-Trump demonstrators at Schiphol airport, photo: NH/Rogier Dankerlui

Translated from Dutch North Holland regional TV today:

Demonstration at Schiphol against Trump’s entry ban

Sunday, January 29th, 2017 | 19:41

SCHIPHOL airport – Several dozen activists have gathered tonight at the entrance of Schiphol to protest against the travel ban that President Donald Trump [of the USA] has set for residents of seven Muslim countries.

KLM refused this weekend, because of the travel ban, to take some passengers aboard who wanted to go to the United States. A spokeswoman for KLM said today that the company thus follows the instructions of the US authorities.

The protesters carried signs with slogans like “Trump psychopath” and “Stop Trump and Wilders“.

And “Stop war and climate chaos. Refugees welcome”.

According to the activists there are about two hundred people around the world stuck at airports because they are not allowed into the USA.

“We protest tonight against the fact that people are stuck at Schiphol, can not go home because their president refused access to their own country because they have a Muslim background,” said Anne-Fleur Dekker, initiator of the protest, to a reporter of North Holland TV. She also spoke out against the plans of [Dutch Trump fan Geert] Wilders, who according to her “has said today to the media that he agrees with Trump.”

Interview with one of the organisers of this protest: here.

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