34 thoughts on “Theresa May in Trump visit, Ireland trouble

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  8. Tuesday 4th July 2017

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

    DONALD TRUMP will face “one of the largest protests in history” if he springs a surprise trip to one of his golf courses in Scotland this month.

    Rumours mounted yesterday that the US president may make a last-minute visit when he comes to Europe this month for trips to Poland, the G20 summit in Germany and Bastille Day celebrations in France.

    Global Justice Now director Nick Dearden said: “We know Trump is now scared to come to the UK on the state visit which Theresa May foolishly offered him, because he will face one of the largest protests in history.

    “This month’s visit, if it happens, is a way of him sneaking in the back door in the hope that he can save face for himself and May.

    “But we’ll oppose him whenever and however he comes to the UK because Trump is very bad news on some of the most important issues humanity faces: climate change, migration, inequality, corporate regulation.

    “We won’t allow Trump’s presidency to be normalised and we’ll make sure May pays a political cost for supporting Trump and his politics of hate.”

    However, Downing Street poured cold water on the alleged visit.

    The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “I am not aware of any plans for the president to visit the UK in the next few weeks.”

    He declined to comment on whether Ms May would go to Scotland if Mr Trump visits his golf courses in Aberdeenshire and Ayrshire.

    Mr Trump got himself into further controversy yesterday after tweeting a mocked-up video of him beating up a man with a CNN logo over his face.

    The International Federation of Journalists condemned the video for promoting violence against journalists.



  9. Tuesday 4th July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    – In 2013 Michael Gove launched an outspoken attack on opponents of his school reform plans, condemning them as “Marxist sympathisers” who are stopping children from getting a decent education.

    – Tory MP Andrew Bridgen attacked Jeremy Corbyn over Grenfell and “calls to requisition private property when there is empty student accommodation available locally fits in with his hard Marxist views where all private property should belong to the state.”

    – Tory MEP Daniel Hannan has let rip at the “unrepentant Marxists” leading the Labour Party for luring voters with “free stuff” at the general election.

    – Cabinet minister David Gauke said Corbyn’s spending plans would turn Britain into the next “hard left experiment.”

    He said: “Nonsensical in idea and catastrophic in implementation, the Marxist agenda that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have pursued for decades has proved disastrous for the people who have to endure its consequences.”

    – In March 2016 George Osborne said: “The fact that the Labour Party is now getting its advice from Yanis Varoufakis and the revolutionary Marxist broadcaster Paul Mason does not suggest to me that they’ve got an answer to economic security. Presumably they chose those two because Chairman Mao was dead and Mickey Mouse was busy.”



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