Donald Trump opposition in Britain

This video from England says about itself:

4 February 2017

Thousands of British people on Saturday gathered in front of the United States (U.S.) Embassy to the UK, protesting against U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order of banning people from Muslim-majority nations from entering the U.S.

This has been the second protest rally held in London against the American President within one week.

The gathering was organized by a number of local Muslim societies, who think that Trump’s immigration policy is racist and Islamophobic.

“I think it’s ridiculous. So many of my friends are Muslim, and I don’t agree with that at all. How can you base someone on their religion not to come to the country?” said a female protester, adding that “Not all Muslims are terrorists. That’s not true. It’s not the religion.” …

Another protester argued that it’s totally wrong to ban movements of populations from Muslim countries, saying they had suffered greatly during wars that have taken place in their home countries.

“It’s not the way to deal with the potential threat of terrorism. It’s not to prevent Muslims, for example, from coming to this country. They have a great contribution that they could make for our future,” the protester said.

Many people held placards aloft and called for the British government to ditch their plan of inviting President Trump to visit the country, as a diplomatic gesture of opposing his ban on immigrants and refugees from several Muslim-majority nations.

“I come to this protest because that I think that Trump should not be honored with the royal visit with the Queen. I understand we have to have a relationship with America because of trade deals and everything else, but he should not be given the honor of meeting the Queen and treated with that privilege,” said another protester.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been criticized for not using strong enough terms against Trump’s policy in her recent remarks. She insisted that the government won’t cancel their plan of inviting President Trump to the country in spite of loud dissenting voices among the public.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Anti-Trump movements must unite

Monday 13th February 2017

THERE is every likelihood that US President Trump will face huge demonstrations when he visits Britain later this year.

Whether he comes in June or July to address a rally in Birmingham, Cardiff or London will make no difference to the turnouts, whether inside the conference hall or outside.

The Stand Up to Trump organising meeting last week reflected the breadth of opposition to the man and his views, itself mirroring the wide coalition of forces marching against him in towns and cities across the US.

Present in London last Friday were representatives and observers from the TUC, major trade unions, the Labour Party, the People’s Assembly, the Stop the War Coalition, the National Assembly of Women, the Morning Star, Stand Up to Racism, the Communist Party of Britain, Momentum and many other campaigning and community bodies.

They want to show that Trump’s sexist, racist, belligerent, anti-union and divisive views are not shared by decent people — the overwhelming majority — in any part of Britain.

Nor are they shared, for that matter, by the majority of decent people in the US. It should not be forgotten that fewer than 27 per cent of US citizens of voting age plumped for him last November, barely one in four of eligible adults.

But that he won with three million fewer votes than chief rival Hillary Clinton, thereby owing his elevation to the state electoral college system, is no ground for us in Britain to challenge his legitimacy. The vagaries of US electoral arangements are primarily a matter for the American people, grave though the implications may turn out to be for people in other parts of the world.

We might also note that had Clinton been elected, her warmongering policies towards Russia, China and Syria, together with support for subversion in Latin America and the oppression of the Palestinian people, would also have merited mass demonstrations when visiting Britain.

As it is, Trump’s total, uncritical support for Israeli violations of international and humanitarian law, his aggressive response to China’s military presence in the South China Sea and his support for the use of torture, would be sufficient to justify protests everywhere he goes in England, Wales or Scotland.

In addition, his hate-mongering speeches and actions aimed at Muslims, Mexicans, refugees and immigrants help to fuel the widespread anger about him receiving the privilege of a state visit to Britain.

In secretive discussions about the US president addressing a rally rather than the Westminster Parliament while here, it appears that some US or British officials believe he will receive a friendlier welcome in a region or country that voted for Brexit in last’s years referendum.

It is a fallacy, promoted assiduously by some pro-EU liberals and leftists as well as Ukip, that there is a strong affinity between the pro-Trump and anti-EU causes.

In reality, many people on the left in Britain — a slight majority according to the extensive Ashcroft polling — voted against EU membership. Like many people who voted to remain in the EU, they detest the same wide range of Trump’s views and policies.

We need united displays of that detestation when he comes here this summer. Those who seek to divide the anti-Trump movement in Britain on the basis of attitudes to EU membership will be doing that movement a disservice — and doing Trump and his right-wing anti-EU and pro-EU allies here a favour.

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  1. Wednesday 15th February 2017

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    DONALD TRUMP will be given the “full courtesy” of a state visit to Britain later this year, the government insisted yesterday, despite a petition against the plans for a taxpayer-funded welcome receiving 1.85 million signatures.

    A Foreign Office statement said the government “recognises the strong views expressed by the many signatories of this petition, but does not support this petition.”

    It added: “This invitation reflects the importance of the relationship between the United States of America and the United Kingdom. At this stage, final dates have not yet been agreed for the state visit.”

    Support for the call to downgrade the US president’s visit gained traction after he imposed a travel ban on nationals of seven Muslim majority countries.

    The government was compelled to reply to the petition because it garnered more than 10,000 signatures. MPs will debate it in the Commons on Monday.

    The Stop Trump campaign has called protest rallies across the country to coincide with the parliamentary debate and is promising the biggest demonstration in British history if the visit goes ahead.

    A campaign spokesman said: “Nearly two million Britons called on their government not to roll out the red carpet for a man who has instigated a travel ban on Muslims and whose bigoted racist and sexist statements are well known.

    “PM Theresa May has shown her contempt for people asking for her to take a stand against racism — and sided with a bigoted megalomaniac instead.”

    Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe let it slip last week that Mr Trump would be visiting “around June.”

    Ms May has been criticised for offering Mr Trump a state visit just a week into his presidency because his predecessor Barack Obama only received an invitation after 758 days in office.

    The backlash against the visit has also caused controversy in Parliament, where Commons Speaker John Bercow is facing calls to resign after branding Mr Trump “racist” and “sexist” and effectively banning him from addressing MPs and peers in Westminster Hall during the trip.

    The US president’s travel ban, which sparked mass protests in Britain and around the world, has since been suspended after two states — Washington and Minnesota — took legal action against it and a federal court rejected a US government appeal.


  2. Friday 17th February 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Features

    Though Trump represents a new low for neoliberalism, now is our opportunity to unite in rebellion. CHRIS NINEHAM writes on why you should join Stand Up to Trump this weekend

    DONALD TRUMP’S presidency has created an international outcry. It has sparked some of the biggest protests in US history?,? including not just mass demonstrations but direct action, walkouts, cultural protests and political boycotts.

    There has been a wave of protests ?beyond the US,? with Britain at the forefront of the movement.

    Here we have had an enormous women’s march, two separate days of national actions with another one planned for Monday.

    The speaker of the House of Commons has ruled that Trump would not be welcome in Parliament, various local MPs and councils have insisted that Trump would not be welcome in their cities, close to two million people have signed a petition against Trump coming and opinion polls show clear majorities against Trump being invited.

    Trump’s hateful cocktail of domestic and foreign policies ?and personal attitudes ?has united whole swathes of the ?world’s ?population in a gathering rebellion.

    The openly racist Muslim ban has angered millions, ?Trump’s? gross sexism has insulted women around the world, his provocative foreign policy positions have generated fear and loathing in equal measure.

    He is also mounting a huge attack on workers?’ right?s as well as? publicly funded services, and ?he is ?preparing for a massive ?attack ?on ?workers’ ?wages.

    It is in this context that Theresa May took it upon herself to rush to Washington, welcome the new president, hold his hand and invite him over to Britain post haste.

    This was a complete ?travesty? of popular opinion. The so-called special relationship has been a disaster for people in Britain and the world in the last few decades.

    It brought us the Thatcher-Reagan partnership which was a vital platform for the global neoliberal experiment and the Blair-Bush alliance which brought us Iraq and the mayhem that followed in its wake.

    But a special relationship with Trump will be a new low. It will help normalise his backward attitudes, pull us into new and even more dangerous wars and draw us into deeply damaging economic deals.

    A trade agreement with the US under Trump would be a privatisers’ charter.

    It would accelerate the race to the bottom in terms of social and trade union rights and open up the NHS and swathes of the welfare state to US corporate takeover.

    For all these reasons the campaign against Trump’s visit takes on historic importance.

    The Stand up to Trump Committee was formed with the backing of key unions, a host of campaigning groups including Stop the War, Stand up to Racism and the People’s Assembly, Muslim organisations, ?w?omen’s groups and community organisations.

    This Saturday, it is hosting a national organising summit at the Friends Meeting House in London.

    The event allows activists, organisations and individuals to come together to discuss and plan how best to step up the already massive pressure to get Trump’s invitation withdrawn.

    It will be a chance to deepen the campaign nationally and ensure that there are growing coalitions against Trump in every town and city around the country.

    It is this kind of rooted, localised organisation that will be necessary to ensure a massive mobilisation should the visit go ahead.

    The event will begin with testimonies from a wide range of communities and groups outlining exactly why they oppose Trump and his political, social and economic agenda.

    There will be speakers from a range of Muslim organisations, from Health Campaigns Together, Momentum, trade unions and the NHS, LGBT and Kurdish communities, Jewish organisations, women’s groups and many more.

    As the day progresses the summit will discuss various aspects of organising?,? including how to get into workplaces, organise in universities and schools and how to use social media most effectively.

    This is a huge opportunity ?to strengthen the movement against Trump and all that he represents?.

    It is imperative that every part of society is involved in the fight against Trump, that no community is left? out.

    ?President ?Trump is looking weaker by the day, ?there have already been senior team resignations and push-backs? on all fronts.

    ?Saturday’s event is part of an international campaign to radically change the political landscape and put oppressed groups at the ?heart ?of a campaign against a toxic president and the crisis-wracked system he represents.

    Unity is key. This is a project which can draw in people who have never been involved in politics before?.?

    The stakes are high, but if we ?build quickly on the campaigning that has already been done?, we have the strength to win.

    Politics is about more than what goes on in Parliament.

    It is about what happens out on the streets. When Trump comes to visit, we are going to make sure everyone is out.

    Join Stand Up to Trump tomorrow from 10am to 5pm at Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London. You can book tickets on eventbrite at


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