9 thoughts on “‘Blairite Dijsselbloem racist, sexist’, social democrats say

  1. Mr Costa’s coalition of socialists and greens []in Portugal — which has communist support — was elected in October 2015 on the back of discontent over EU-dictated austerity measures imposed in return for a €78billion (£67.5bn) bailout in 2011.

    At the European Parliament on Tuesday, Mr Dijsselbloem refused to apologise for his insults in the face of criticism from both conservative and social democratic MEPs.

    Mr Dijsselbloem’s Labour Party was all but wiped out in last week’s general election, slumping from 35 MPs in the 150-seat Second Chamber to just nine — or from second place to seventh.

    In Greece, straining under a third wave of austerity forced on its Syriza government by Mr Dijsselbloem and EU Commission president JeanClaude Juncker in return for a July 2015 bailout, leftwingers welcomed the rout of of the eurozone chief’s party.

    Greek government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos warned that Mr Dijsselbloem had adopted “stereotypes that widen the gap between north and south and in reality pave the way … for extremist views.”



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  4. Faux pas

    door Ewald Engelen

    12 april 2017

    Het wekt al veel langer verbazing. Of beter: het had al veel langer verbazing moeten wekken. Ik heb het over het korte lijntje tussen Volkskrant-redacteur Marc Peeperkorn en minister van Financiën Jeroen Dijsselbloem. De slager van Griekenland heeft in Nederland namelijk al jaren een verbijsterend goede pers. Via de ongemeen positieve berichtgeving in met name de Volkskrant heeft Dijsselbloem zichzelf hier te lande kunnen opwerken tot de held van het noorden.



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