Trump not welcome in Brussels, more videos

This 24 May 2017 video is called Protest against NATO. “Trump Not Welcome” – Brussels 24.05.2017. This video starts before most demonstrators had arrived.

This 25 May 2017 video says about itself:

Protesters demonstrated against NATO and U.S. President Donald Trump outside of [NATO] new headquarters in Brussels.

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Brussels protest, stop Trump.

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Trump is clearly not welcome in Brussels

Belgians have dressed as Statues of Liberty to protest against Trump’s NATO visit and say his policies are racist and anti-environment.

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Anti Trump protest in Brussels – NATO summit

Colourful, Full of People, Hope, Feminism

5 thoughts on “Trump not welcome in Brussels, more videos

  1. Friday 26th May 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Alliance leaders stand in silence as US president lectures them

    US PRESIDENT Donald Trump called on Nato countries to increase military spending yesterday ahead of the Western alliance’s summit in Brussels.

    Returning to one of his key election campaign themes, Mr Trump said the other 27 members should shell out on more troops and arms.

    “This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States,” he said in brief remarks before the start of the summit yesterday afternoon.

    “If Nato countries made their full and complete contributions, then Nato would be even stronger than it is today, especially from the threat of terrorism.”

    Leaders of other states stood in awkward silence as the US president told them to dig deep for more weaponry.

    The summit is expected to renew a long-standing commitment that each member will spend at least 2 per cent of GDP on defence.

    But only five members currently meet the target: Britain, Estonia, debt-laden Greece, Poland and the US, which spends more on defence than all the other allies combined.

    Anticipating Mr Trump’s demand, Britain’s Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) warned that more weapons and interventions outside Nato’s borders would not make the world a safer place.

    CAAT spokesman Andrew Smith said: “Whether it is the destruction of Iraq or the breakdown of Libya, it is civilians who suffer in war. “The last 16 years of interventionism have not made any of us safer.”

    His comments came as it emerged that the Manchester suicide bomber had fought in the Nato-backed overthrow of Libyan dictator Muammar Gadaffi before joining the West’s war on Syria.

    Mr Smith also slammed the enormous $110-billion (£85bn) arms supply deal that Mr Trump sealed with al-Qaida and Isis backer Saudi Arabia at the weekend.

    Westminster has also approved £3 billion in arms sales to Riyadh since the start of its bombing campaign in Yemen — now a full-blown invasion — two years ago.

    “One way Nato countries, including the UK, can play a positive role in the Middle East is to stop arming and supporting human rights-abusing regimes and pouring weapons into the region,” Mr Smith said.

    “We don’t know where these weapons will end up, who will obtain them or who they will be used against.”


  2. Friday 26th May 2017

    posted by James Tweedie

    NATO’s secretary-general confirmed yesterday that the Western military alliance would join the US-led bombing coalition in Syria and Iraq.

    Speaking at the Nato summit in Brussels, Jens Stoltenberg confirmed anonymous reports from the day before that the alliance would join Operation Inherent Resolve as a bloc.

    But he claimed: “It does not mean that Nato will engage in combat operations.” Fewer than half the 28 member states currently do.

    Stop the War Coalition convener Lindsey German said Western military interventions in the Middle East had only succeeded in fuelling terrorism.

    “This Nato involvement, as previously, will do nothing to solve the problem but only make it worse,” she insisted.

    In Syria and Iraq, those countries’ armed forces kept on hammering Isis — without the coalition’s help.


  3. Friday 26th May 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Features

    Donald Trump’s dilettante utterances on climate change, evolution theory, and more, debase what little is left of the US’s standing in the world, argues PETER FROST

    President Trump is many things. He is clearly a racist, a misogynist, a fantasist and a liar.

    Despite his pre-election promises he has now demonstrated that he is just as much a warmonger and a world policeman as other US presidents before him.

    What he clearly isn’t, is any kind of scientist.

    He denies climate change. Indeed his view is that global warming was created by the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.

    Trump says that wind farms look disgusting and are bad for people’s health.

    He believes that environment-friendly light bulbs can cause cancer. Yes, Donald, the UV from these bulbs is just as dangerous as sunlight.

    Talking about the attack on the World Trade Centre he complained that “If we hadn’t removed the incredibly powerful fire retardant asbestos and replaced it with junk that doesn’t work the buildings would not have burnt down.” Nobody removed asbestos from the twin towers.

    He thinks that the theory that God created the world and everything in it just 6,000 years ago is as valid as Darwin’s theory of evolution and both should be taught in schools.

    Most of these remarks have only demonstrated his ignorance and given us a good laugh. However, his nonsense about child immunisation could cause illness and even death in families that take up his half-cocked ideas.

    Here is his tweet on the subject: “Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes — AUTISM. Many such cases!”

    It seems much of Trump’s science comes from watching TV in the middle of the night alone in the White House. In the wee small hours the bad science and conspiracy theory documentaries come thick and fast.

    He does have scientific experts of course to advise him but right from the start Trump has silenced any government scientists who might contradict his nutty ideas.

    Less than a week after his inauguration he gagged government scientists banning them from communicating with the public and the press. That ban continues.

    He has selected his own advisers many of whom seem to have even more nutty views than the president.

    Trump’s dangerous views on immunisation are neither new nor original.

    Back in 1998, Andrew Wakefield published a paper in The Lancet that claimed to show a link between children who were given the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine with autism and bowel disease.

    The General Medical Council decided that Wakefield had acted dishonestly and irresponsibly and had deliberately falsified scientific results — he was struck off the UK medical register.

    The damage had already been done. Many people still believe that vaccinations cause illnesses and autism in children. They don’t.

    In the US Robert F Kennedy Jr has been a leading figure in promoting doubts about the safety of immunisation despite the vast weight of medical opinion encouraging it.

    Now Trump has asked Kennedy to head a government tribunal on the subject. There can be little doubt what they will conclude and various children’s diseases will once again stalk the land.


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