Donald Trump not welcome in Brussels, yet more videos

This 24 May 2017 video is called Thousands Protest Trump Before NATO Summit.

Another video used to say:

A diverse crowd of thousands of people demonstrated against United States president Donald Trump who came to Brussels, Belgium for the NATO Summit.

This 24 May 2017 video is about the BRUSSELS PROTEST: Trump not welcomed in Belgium.

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Trump not welcome in Brussels! (24/05/2017)

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Brussels: Trump Not Welcome March

A report with photos is here.

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump not welcome in Brussels, yet more videos

  1. Masses protest Trump and Erdoğan in Brussels

    An intense series of meetings is taking place in the NATO summit held in Belgian capital Brussels. The leaders have pressing matters on their agendas. Meanwhile thousands were outside, protesting NATO, Trump and Erdoğan.

    State and government heads of NATO member states came together on Wednesday evening in Brussels. This was US President Donald Trump’s first visit to Brussels, which was virtually covered in police officers. Roads were blocked in many spots and public transport was affected. Drones went on scouting missions.

    By the evening, a 10 thousand strong crowd took to the streets by the call of the “Trump not welcome” movement. 70 associations also heeded the call to action where Trump’s sexist and discriminatory policies were protested. At the same demonstration, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was also protested. HDK constituents and antifascist groups chanted “Erdoğan not welcome”.

    Antifascist groups also had banners saluting the Rojava Revolution. There were also concerts organized within the demonstration. The protests will continue today, which are organized by “Taking Action For Peace” platform.


    Meanwhile, less than a hundred AKP supporters and nationalists showed up to welcome Erdoğan in front of his hotel. The Mayor of Brussels and the Mayor of Schaerbeek commune (with a dense Turkish population) had banned pro-Erdoğan demonstrations. AKP’s Belgium branch first called on the public to “welcome World Leader Erdoğan”, but had to later cancel their call as the authorities didn’t budge on the ban. Only a small group was able to gather in front of the hotel Erdoğan was staying at. Erdoğan briefly made an appearance for the press, then entered the hotel with his wife.


    There are some pressing issues on the agenda for the Thursday session. Turkey-EU relations, Turkey’s convergence with Russia, NATO-Russia tensions, the war on ISIS, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq-Syria and armaments are among the fundamental issues. Trump wants to accelerate the arms race within his allies.

    NATO is worried that the US, which represents 68% of the current military spending among NATO allies, threatens to decrease this spending. Meanwhile the US is forcing other members to spend more on armaments. Russia isn’t happy about NATO’s increasing military relations with Poland and Baltic countries again. Military training by NATO in Ukraine is seen by Russia as a destabilizing move.

    This summit, dubbed the “Mini summit” is expected to have significant political effect. From Europe to North America to the Middle East, a wide portion of the Earth will be subjected to the outcome of this military alliance.

    Source: ANF News Desk 25-05-2017


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