Many birds feeding in England

Lynford Arboretum is in Norfolk in England.


Tyrannosaur Trix travels around the world

This 30 September 2018 video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Philips and Naturalis scan 66 million year old T. Rex, Trix

Working with Leiden’s Naturalis museum in the Netherlands, Philips offered to scan one of the world’s most complete and best preserved T. Rex skeletons. The aim of the scan was to evaluate how images of Trix’s tail vertebrae obtained using Philips’ IQon Spectral CT imaging differ from conventional CT images, and to provide a level of detail not visible to paleontologists until now.

“We make the invisible visible”, said Anne Schulp, paleontologist and dinosaur expert at Naturalis.

To find out more about the study, click here.

Dutch weekly Leids Nieuwsblad, 18 October 2018, reports about female Tyrannosaurus rex Trix, property of Naturalis museum in Leiden.

As Naturalis museum is now being reconstructed and closed to the public, Trix is on a world tour. Already over a million people came to see her. 293,000 in Leiden before the tour started; 85,000 in Salzburg in Austria; 380,000 in Barcelona. And 260,000 and still counting in Paris, where the dinosaur will be exhibited until 3 November. After that, Trix will go to Glasgow. In mid 1919, when the reconstruction will be finished, she will be in Naturalis again.

A new dinosaur museum will be built in Nagasaki, Japan. One of the exhibits will be a 3D replica of Trix.

Swallowtail caterpillar becomes pupa

In this 25 October 2018 time lapse video, a swallowtail caterpillar becomes a pupa.

Gerrit Stronks made this video in a greenhouse in his garden in the Netherlands.

There were 10 swallowtail caterpillars in the garden. Mr Stronks put them in the greenhouse, with carrot leaves as food. All ten have become pupas by now. If all goes well, then there will be ten swallowtail butterflies flying in the spring of 2019.