Dutch government hindered Philips corruption investigation

This is a Dutch video on the Philips corruption scandal.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Justice department slow about Philips

Added: Monday, June 13, 2011, 8:05

By reporter Gert-Jan Dennenkamp

The Polish prosecutor has asked the Netherlands in 2008 unsuccessfully for help in the investigation of corruption at Philips. Documents in the possession of the NOS prove this.

Poland wanted to know if the head office of Philips Medical Systems in Best was involved in the bribery. The Netherlands did not respond to several requests. When Philips in the Netherlands was searched at last, the investigation had been already completed in Poland.

Today in Katowice the corruption trial of three former Philips employees accused of bribery begins. In addition, a large number of hospital directors are being prosecuted for taking bribes.

The Dutch Justice Department later proposed “given the seriousness” to examine the bribery scandal together, but this cooperation did not materialize. …


In a broadcast by the NOS, witness Marian Kulig said recently: “All profits by Philips in Poland have been obtained by crime.” Kulig said he had distributed more than one million euros in bribes. That money came partly from the Philips plant in Hamburg, where according to the Polish prosecutor’s a special bribery fund was managed.

Samsung, Philips, LG and others reportedly set to face EU regulatory fines for CRT price fixing: here.

SIX people were arrested in Poland today in anti-corruption officials’ investigation of the 2014 sell-off of state-owned chemical company Ciech. One of those arrested was Pawel Tamborski, a deputy treasury minister at the time that the Polish government sold its shares in the firm: here.

Saudi Arabia: Report – King quietly launches anti-corruption campaign; 12 civil servants arrested: here.

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