Saudi royal air force bombs blind Yemeni people

This video says about itself:

Yemen: Airstrike hits centre for the blind in Sanaa as Saudi-led bombing continues

5 January 2016

A centre for the blind was hit by an airstrike in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, Tuesday, as the Saudi-led coalition continues to attack Houthi-held areas in the conflict-stricken country.

The centre was heavily damaged, forcing those using the facilities, the majority of whom live with severely impaired vision, to evacuate the building.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Saudi-led air strikes hit centre for blind people and commerce building in Yemen

Human Rights Watch have condemned the strikes in Yemen

Serina Sandhu

Air strikes led by Saudi Arabia have hit a care centre for blind people, residents have said.

Three people are believed to have been wounded at the Noor Centre for the Blind on Tuesday, according to Saba news agency.

The capital’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry was also hit in the strikes, although no casualties were reported. …

A patient at the centre for blind people expressed his shock at being struck.

Speaking to the International Business Times, Abdullah Ahmed Banyan said: “People with disabilities are being struck in their residence. Around 1:30am, two missiles hit the live-in quarters of a home for the blind.”

“Can you imagine they are striking the blind? What is this criminality? Why? Is it the blind that are fighting the war?” On 2 January, Saudi Arabia announced that a cease fire, which began on 15 December following United-Nations backed peace talks, had ended. It came on the same day the kingdom executed a Shi’ite cleric convicted of “terrorism”, which has seen tension grow between Saudi Arabia and Iran. …

Human Rights Watch has condemned the strikes, some of which they believe “amount to war crimes“.

Belkis Wille, the group’s Yemen researcher, told The Independent that 36 strikes, launched since March, “violated the laws of war”.

“In none of these cases have we seen that the Saudi-led coalition has launched any form of investigation nor taken any measures to compensate the victims or their families.”

“We have seen the coalition bombing and hitting dozens of civilian objects including homes, hospitals and schools, killing hundreds of civilians.”

So far, the war has killed 2795 civilians, according to the UN. Of the fatalities, around 60 per cent are the result of air strikes.

See also here.

Bombing Of Blind School Shows Cruel Toll Of Yemen’s War. An airstrike hit the only school for kids with visual disabilities earlier this month: here.

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