Protesters against British weapons sales to Saudi Arabia arrested

This video from Britain says about itself:

General Election 2017: Marr Show: Emily Thornberry gets Michael Fallon on meeting and celebrating Assad (14 May 2017)

14 May 2017

Labour‘s Emily Thornberry wipes the floor with CONservative Michael Fallon, when it’s revealed he went to Syria, and met Assad to celebrate his becoming leader of the country. Tories tried to keep that quiet. Fallon had no response other to rake up some old bullshit on Jeremy Corbyn.

Sir Michael Fallon is the British War Secretary … oops, I should use the euphemism ‘Defence Secretary’. As such, he is responsible for bombing Syria without permission of the Syrian government and/or the United Nations, so against international law. Officially, that bombing is against ISIS; in fact, for oil and other imperialist interests; and it kills mainly civilians, not ISIS fighters.

Recently, Sir Michael Fallon’s Conservative Foreign Office colleague Boris Johnson said that the British government should expand the bombing of Syria into regime changing bombing without permission of the British parliament, following Donald Trump’s attack on an Syrian airbase. Regime change war in fact makes Trump‘s USA, and Theresa May‘s Britain, allies of ISIS, al-Qaeda and similar groups.

The Donald Trump administration, and its British Conservative poodles, justify regime change war on Syria by claiming that Assad is supposedly worse than Adolf Hitler.

That is radically different from Fallon’s earlier attitude towards Assad (compare Donald Rumsfeld in the USA, from pal of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein to regime change warrior on Iraq).

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

10 arrested after Fallon speech hit by protest

Thursday 29th June 2017

TEN protesters were arrested yesterday after disrupting a military conference in Westminster addressed by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.

Pacifist group the Peace Pledge Union (PPU) blocked entrances to Church House, next to Westminster Abbey, as Mr Fallon arrived, delaying his speech to the annual arms industry-sponsored Land Warfare Conference.

Campaign Against Arms Trade and Christian groups also took part in the protest.

PPU co-ordinator Symon Hill told the Star that he had been arrested for “breaching the peace,” adding that he had demanded answers from Mr Fallon about the government’s sale of arms to Saudi Arabia as the Defence Secretary arrived, but police were called and he was moved on.

He said Christian groups and Church of England priests had opposed the use of the venue for the event, adding: “It makes me really sad that this protest was even necessary.

“As a Christian, I’m very angry that a Christian centre was used, as it exemplifies nonviolence.”

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