Eight owl species and their calls

This video from Europe is about eight owl species and their calls.

German police use murderous nazi’s name as codename

This 2014 video says about itself:

Neo Nazi Killers of Germany (SHOCKING Crime Documentary)

The Bosphorus serial murders, also known as Döner murders, the term often used by the media, were a series of attacks that took place in Germany between 2000 and 2006, leaving ten people dead and one wounded. The attackers called themselves National Socialist Underground (NSU) (German: Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund).

The primary targets were ethnic Turks, but one Greek and one German policewoman were also killed. The victims were mostly small business owners, including doner kebab vendors and greengrocers. They were murdered in daylight with gunshots to the face at close range with a silenced CZ 83 pistol.

According to the parents of a Turkish victim who worked in an internet café, the police originally suspected foreign organised criminals. A German policewoman, Michèle Kiesewetter, was also shot and killed and the police officer on patrol with her was critically wounded. Other crimes, including a bomb attack, may have been committed by the group.

German authorities identified three suspects, Uwe Böhnhardt, Uwe Mundlos, and Beate Zschäpe as responsible for the murders. According to the acting Attorney General of Germany, Rainer Greisbaum, the suspects had Neo-Nazi links. Böhnhardt and Mundlos were found dead by police after they robbed a bank on 4 November 2011. Police said they killed themselves. Zschäpe surrendered on 11 November 2011. She will probably face charges of murder, attempted murder, arson, and belonging to a terrorist organization.

Zschäpe said she was only willing to testify if she was considered a state witness, with mitigation of sentence.

The police discovered an alleged hit-list of 88 names that included “two prominent members of the Bundestag and representatives of Turkish and Islamic groups“.

From RT.com:

Neo-Nazi name used by German cops as codeword while guarding Erdogan on Berlin visit

30 Sep, 2018 09:24

A pair of police officers in eastern Germany used the name of a notorious neo-Nazi extremist to work undercover during an operation to protect Turkish President Erdogan who visited Berlin this week, local media reveal.

Criminal police in the eastern German state of Saxony are inquiring into two members of elite counter-terrorism unit SEK, the regional interior ministry said. The men were deployed to protect Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his much-anticipated trip to Germany.

As the officers had to work undercover, protocol required that they use a codename. Their choice was Uwe Boehnhardt, a notorious member of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) – a neo-Nazi extremist group that slaughtered eight Turkish immigrants, one Greek citizen, and a German police officer in the 2000s.

The bizarre codename surfaced when the two signed up to access internal documents they needed for the deployment, local media report. Officers in charge of the operation reacted swiftly, and the policemen were immediately recalled.

Petric Kleine, the head of Saxony criminal police, was first to react to the news. He said the use of Boehnhardt’s name was “hardly to be beaten in ‘stupidity’” and represented “blatant disregard of [his] victims and their relatives.” …

Erdogan’s Friday visit to Berlin has stirred considerable controversy in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel has been criticized for hosting a leader which some accuse of being increasingly authoritarian.

Merkel said the visit was very important “because when there are differences a personal meeting is vital to resolve them.”

The NSU first came to light in 2011 when the bodies of Boehnhardt and his accomplice Uwe Mundlos were found inside a burnt-out motorhome in eastern Germany. The two are believed to have died in an apparent murder-suicide after a failed bank robbery in a town of Eisenach.

Beate Zschaepe, the neo-Nazi gang’s third and last surviving member, was detained shortly afterwards. In July of this year, a German court sentenced her to life in prison, finding her guilty on 10 counts of murder. …

The scandal surrounding the NSU has led to widespread criticism of German security agencies. Lawyers, activists, and relatives of the victims believe that the group had far more accomplices.

It also came out that the BfV, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, had placed numerous informants within the NSU and systematically thwarted and made impossible the investigation of murders, attempted murders, and robberies attributed to the group.

Real Neat Blog Award, congratulations to my 16 nominees!

Real Neat Blog Award

Late in 2014, I made this new award: the Real Neat Blog Award. There are so many bloggers whose blogs deserve more attention. So, I will try to do something about that 🙂

It is the first award that I ever made. I did some computer graphics years ago, before I started blogging; but my computer drawing had become rusty 🙂

The ‘rules’ of the Real Neat Blog Award are: (feel free not to act upon them if you don’t have time; or don’t accept awards; etc.):

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My seven questions are:

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My nominees are:

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Elephants protect baby elephant while crossing road

This July 2018 video from South Africa says about itself:

This amazing footage shows how an elephant herd protects a baby elephant while crossing a road in Kruger Park.

“This happened on the Orpen Camp – Satara Camp road, the H7. I went camping by myself and on one hot afternoon i came across this family of elephants. I like watching elephants so I waited a round a bit watching them feed, until they finally crossed the road right in front of me.”

Video taker: Sian Green. Wonderful to witness the amazing bond elephants have for their young and other family members.