Trump, bomb more, Bezos’ Washington Post says

This video from the USA says about itself:

Washington Post Cartoon Urges Trump To Bomb More

25 September 2018

The Washington Post publishes a cartoon critical of Trump’s actions in Syria. The criticism: He’s not bombing enough.

Cartoons may be a force for peace and against bloody wars, like this cartoon. However, not this Washington Post cartoon. The owner of the Washington Post is Jeff Bezos, warmonger, boss and the richest man in the world. Apparently, Bezos is still not satisfied he became the richest man in the world by ruthlessly exploiting Amazon workers. He has billion dollar contracts with the CIA and the Pentagon. And he wants to be become even richer by profits from Trump escalating wars in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Africa, Latin America and elsewhere.

19 thoughts on “Trump, bomb more, Bezos’ Washington Post says

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