More money for the Pentagon, less for health care

This video says about itself:

U.S. Military Budget Smashes Health Care

13 February 2018

Senate Democrats joined Republicans this week to approve a massive expansion of the US military as demanded by President Donald Trump. Congressional action on the near-record Pentagon budget is taking place behind a veil of silence, with no public discussion and virtually no media coverage. Even as the Trump administration steamrolls ahead with plans to gut social spending, winning a House vote Thursday to slash $23 billion from food stamp spending and advancing a scheme to consolidate the departments of Labor and Education in the name of “cutting costs”, both houses of Congress have approved a bill that expands military spending at the fastest rate since the highpoint of the war in Iraq: here.

Letter from the US: Higher military spending signals more war: here.

19 thoughts on “More money for the Pentagon, less for health care

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