Colin Powell’s ex-assistant on Trump’s Syria war

This video from the USA says about itself:

Col. Larry Wilkerson on Syria: War Powers is the “Surest Way to Tyranny”

16 April 2018

As James Madison once saidwar powers is the surest way to tyranny” and tyranny will prevail if people remain apathetic. says Col. Larry Wilkerson.

Colonel Larry Wilkerson is the former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. Like Powell himself, he now regrets Powell’s lying speech at the United Nations about supposed ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq; a pretext for the George W Bush administration to start the Iraq war.

Britain: Syria: Robert Fisk‘s Douma visit shows evidence of chemical attack ‘flimsy at best’, Labour’s Chris Williamson charges: here.

Bombing is not the path to peace in Syria. The lessons of Iraq and Libya underline the dangers of reckless military interventions, writes RICHARD BURGON.

British demonstrators against bombing Syria

UK government rejects Corbyn’s demand for parliament to vote on war: here.

This 17 April 2018 video from the British Parliament is called Corbyn: Does this mean countries could now bomb Saudi airfields over crisis in Yemen?

Syrian Islamic State [ISIS] assassin: How I killed more than 100 people: here.

9 thoughts on “Colin Powell’s ex-assistant on Trump’s Syria war

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