Trump’s Syria war, protest Brussels tomorrow

This CBS TV video from the USA says about itself:

Demonstrators Protest President Trump Dropping Bombs On Syria

14 April 2018

A coalition of peace activists, Arab-Americans and people who don’t like the president formed a protest rally they called “an emergency protest” in Downtown Los Angeles Saturday. Jeff Nguyen reports.

Translated from the Belgian peace movement:

The US, Great Britain and France launched dozens of missiles on Syrian targets in the night of April 14. This military operation is extremely worrying! It comes without waiting for research by the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). It is an act of war in violation of international law that adds fuel to the flames and brings an open confrontation between nuclear powers dangerously closer.

Did the Syrian population did not have enough war already?

We demand that Belgium condemn this illegal attack. Our government must make every effort to contribute to a diplomatic and negotiated resolution of the conflict and to receive and support the victims of the war.

Stop the military interference. Stop the bombs! Peace for Syria!

Protest action at the US embassy [in Brussels] on Monday, April 16 at 5:30 pm. Will you be there?

Global Leaders Condemn Trump’s ‘Scorn for International Law’ As Haley Threatens More Possible Air Strikes. “You can’t combat the alleged violation of international law by violating international law”, by Julia Conley.

Trump’s Syria war, lies and censorship: here.

8 thoughts on “Trump’s Syria war, protest Brussels tomorrow

  1. Why did they spend $250 million on missile strikes just to hit a few abandoned factories? To us it makes no sense, but to May and Orange man it makes perfect sense. Makes them look more tough and gives an answer to inspector’s questions. ‘There’s no chemos because we blew ’em up!’ Sectors of US press believe there was collusion between Trump and Putin – very plausible.


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