Mountain birds in China, 2 April 2018

White-browed rosefinch, 2 April 2018

Still 2 April 2018 in the mountains above Jiagenba village in Sichuan, China. We saw partridges and pheasants then. But they were not the only birds there. As these Chinese white-browed rosefinch photos show.

White-browed rosefinch, on 2 April 2018

Common rosefinches were present as well.

Some twenty snow pigeons flying overhead. A large-billed crow.

A mammal as well: a hare, looking like a European hare. However, that species does not live here. So, it is a woolly hare.

Robin accentor, 2 April 2018

A robin accentor on a shrub which was just waking up from hibernation.

A Himalayan vulture flying.

White-throated redstart, 2 April 2018

A white-throated redstart.

A marsh tit on a branch. A rufous-breasted accentor on a rock.

Giant laughingthrush, 2 April 2018

A giant laughingthrush.

Giant laughingthrush, China, 2 April 2018

This beautiful species is plentiful in this nature reserve.

Giant laughingthrush, on 2 April 2018

As we started going down again slowly, a woodcock flying away fast.

Alpine choughs near the highest farm of the valley.

Highest farm, 2 April 2018

This photo shows that highest farm.

We were welcome there for a short visit.

Yak, 2 April 2018

There was this yak at that farm.

There will be more on birds of these mountainous regions; so, stay tuned!

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