Wigeons, other Texel island ducks

Wigeons, 10 March 2016

Still 10 March 2016 on Texel island. After we were at Dijkmanshuizen nature reserve, we continued to De Zandkes nature reserve. Scores of wigeons were present.

Wigeons, Texel, 10 March 2016

There were two teal couples and a tufted duck couple as well, but mainly wigeons.

Wigeons grazing, 10 March 2016

Some wigeons swimming, some grazing.

Wigeons grazing, Texel, 10 March 2016

While most wigeons grazed, some watched whether there was any danger.

Wigeons grazing, Texel, Zandkes, 10 March 2016

These wigeons marked the end of the last full day of our stay on Texel.

Texel salt water and fresh water: here.

Texel, Dijkmanshuizen, de Bol changes: here.

7 thoughts on “Wigeons, other Texel island ducks

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