World War II veteran opposes British arms sales to Saudi Arabia

This tweet is by British World War II veteran Harry Leslie Smith.


Small and big bears, extinct and present species

This April 2018 video says about itself:

Bear size comparison | Extant and extinct species

This video is all about bears. Who doesn’t love bears? well, except for bear attack victims and salmons. …

Bears come in different shapes and sizes, and they differ in comparison to other predators and even amongst the bear family itself. This bear size comparison video will show the height and weight of extant and extinct bear species. Starting from the smallest bears ever, the sun bear and the dwarf panda; yes, pandas are also bears… LA DI DA, now you know!

There are also extinct bears which are not so large in size and others that dwarf even the polar bear in size. These are the largest bear species ever to exist. Although right now the largest bear species is the frikkin polar bear, roarrrr!

Armenian French singer Charles Aznavour, RIP

This music video, with English subtitles, from France shows Charles Aznavour singing La bohème. It is about poverty among artists in Montmartre, Paris.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

French singer Charles Aznavour has died. He was 94 years old. That reported his spokesperson to the French news agency AFP. The singer died in his home in the Southern France Alpilles region.

Aznavour was seen as one of France’s greatest singers. He wrote more than 1400 songs, which were also performed by others. Aznavour kept performing also in old age. His last concert in the Netherlands was in Amsterdam last March.

On 17 September 2018, his last concert was in Tokyo, Japan.

Armenian roots

Aznavour was born in Paris on May 22, 1924, as Sahnour Aznavourian. His parents were Armenian immigrants. He sang in six different languages ​​and sold over 100 million albums worldwide. He also played in about sixty movies.

Well-known Aznavour songs are She, For me formidable, La mamma, Hier encore and La Bohème.

At 93-years-old he got a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Upon revealing, he said, “I’m French and Armenian, the two of them are connected like coffee and milk. It’s great to carry two cultures with you.”

Aznavour protested against French far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen.

French-Armenian Charles Aznavour, who has died aged 94, was the last of the great post-war chanson singer-songwriters. He leaves a legacy of some 1,200 songs, innumerable recordings and some notable film appearances: here.

German violent xenophobic nazis arrested

This video from Germany says about itself:

Chemnitz: Tens of thousands attend concert against racism | DW English

4 September 2018

Monday’s concert against racism attracted an estimated 65,000 people.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Right-wing extremists arrested in Chemnitz for planning attacks on foreigners

In Germany, six far-right men were arrested this morning, suspected of founding the violent Revolution Chemnitz group and attacking foreigners.

They are said to have been planning more violence against foreigners and attacking political opponents.

A seventh suspect has already been arrested two weeks ago.


The police arrived at houses and other buildings in several places in Saxony and Bavaria states this morning. It is not clear whether things have been confiscated. The group is said to have been busily ordering semi-automatic weapons.

According to the German justice department, the seven suspects are prominent in the neonazi scene in the Chemnitz region. They are said to have attacked immigrants in Chemnitz two weeks ago together with other right-wing extremists. These attacks injured someone.

Police say they had plans for semi-automatic firearms violence on 3 October.

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