Barcelona students’ indefinite strike against political imprisonment

This 30 October 2019 video from Catalonia says about itself:

Barcelona: Indefinite strike at Pompeu Fabra University

Students at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona have called an indefinite strike and occupied their university as part of the campaign to free the political prisoners in Catalonia – which number over 40 now, including those who have been jailed during the protests. Many of the political prisoners are students themselves, and this action has been added to by a general strike of students the following day.

General strike, over 500,000 demonstrators in Barcelona

This 18 October 2019 AFP news agency video says about itself:

More than half a million people rally in Barcelona in protests sparked by Spain’s sentencing of nine Catalan separatist leaders to long prison terms over an abortive independence bid.

By Alejandro López in Spain:

General strike paralyzes Catalonia as over half-a-million demonstrate in Barcelona

19 October 2019

Yesterday, on the fifth day of protests and riots after the draconian ruling that sentenced nine Catalan nationalist politicians to nine to 13 years in prison, hundreds of thousands of protestors marched through Barcelona and a general strike paralyzed Catalonia. Broad sections of youth and workers mobilized to protest the police state that is emerging in Spain and more broadly across Europe.

During the morning, five columns of thousands of protestors, organized by the Catalan National Assemby and Òmnium Cultural under the slogan “Freedom March”, blocked highways leading to Barcelona. The columns started in Vic, Berga, Tàrrega, Girona and Tarragona and converged on Barcelona during the afternoon, where tens of thousands more had assembled. Protesters carried a giant banner reading, in English: “Free Catalan Prisoners Now”.

On the AP7 motorway at La Jonquera, near the city of Girona, demonstrators blocked traffic on the two routes connecting Spain and France. Protesters also blocked at least 20 major roads as they marched towards Barcelona for the mass rally with striking workers and students.

The major protest in the centre of Barcelona started at 5:00 p.m. and involved over half a million protestors, according to the police. Under the banners of the separatist trade unions Intersindical-CSC and Intersindical Alternativa, and the slogan “Your rights and freedoms, general strike”, hundreds of thousands marched shouting for the freedom of political prisoners, independence and against fascism. Many carried secessionist flags. Over 50,000 demonstrated in the other major Catalan cities of Lleida and Girona.

The demonstrations, however, were not primarily motivated by secessionist sentiment. There is a growing realization among broad layers of the Spanish population that the ruling class is moving rapidly to authoritarian forms of rule.

The draconian decision to imprison politicians for calling peaceful protests, years after the end of the fascist regime of General Francisco Franco, is being met by rising militancy and opposition among workers and youth. The ruling on Monday is an infamous and illegitimate verdict, which creates the precedent to outlawing as “sedition” any form of protest against the state. The ruling was made by a court that is discredited by its recent statements of support for fascist dictator Francisco Franco.

In recent days, tens of thousands of protestors, especially youth, have been involved in clashes with police. As numerous videos now show, many are chanting and throwing insults at the police in Spanish, not Catalan.

The mass protest in Barcelona coincided with a general strike in the region. The strike paralyzed the city. Train metro lines, regional routes and AVE fast-speed services were all affected, even as the regional Catalan government imposed reactionary minimum service requirements of between 25 percent and 50 percent of normal work levels.

In the education sector, over 50 percent of schoolteachers and 90 percent of university staff went on strike. Small shops also closed—72 percent, according to initial data. One third of civil servants went on strike. The port of Barcelona was also affected, as port workers struck against the labour reform and in defence of democratic rights.

The regional Department of Labour stated that electricity consumption dropped by 10.11 percent compared to the day before—a level similar to prior mobilizations such as the strike against the 2010 labour reform and the October 3, 2017 strike after the independence Catalan referendum.

Carmaker SEAT, a unit of Volkswagen AG, which produces 3,500 cars a day, halted production at its plant in Martorell, near Barcelona, from Thursday afternoon until Saturday … . Iberia cancelled 12 Friday flights between Barcelona and Madrid due to the strike, while Vueling grounded 36 of its scheduled journeys.

Although the separatist unions and the Catalan regional government called the strike a “success”, major sections of the working class—especially significant layers of industrial workers—did not participate. For Spanish-speaking sections of the working class in Catalonia, the slogan of the creation of a mini-capitalist Catalan republic, driven by pro-European Union and NATO forces with a long record of imposing social austerity on workers, is viewed with hostility.

In the past days over 100 protesters have been arrested, and clashes between police and protesters have injured over 350. The state has seized on the violent clashes as a pretext to escalate police-state measures. So far 10 protestors have been sent to jail without bail. In four cases, the judge argued that the defendants were trying to “prevent the execution of the final verdict issued by the Supreme Court.”

Yesterday, the government also activated the special forces unit of the paramilitary Guardia Civil, the Grupo de Reserva y Seguridad (Reserve and Security Group) unit, which was established in 2006 … . This group, whose stated mission is “the restoration of public order in large mass demonstrations”, played an infamous role in crushing the 2012 miners’ strike and attacking the 2017 Catalan referendum.

The National Court, descended from the Public Order Court set up by Franco to punish “political crimes”, has also ordered the Civil Guards to shut down the website and social media accounts of Tsunami Democràtic, the organisation that has coordinated the protests. The group was behind Monday’s attempts to occupy Barcelona airport. National Court Judge Manuel García Castellón has ordered an investigation of this platform for evidence of terrorism.

Fascist forces cultivated by the right-wing atmosphere instigated by the ruling class are also intervening for the first time. On Thursday night, fascist thugs attacked protestors as they ran towards Diagonal Avenue, where the people had gathered. Some of them were wrapped in Spanish fascist flags, were armed with baseball bats and shouted “Franco! Franco!” One 23-year-old youth was severely beaten.

Speaking from Brussels after a Council of Europe meeting, acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez warned that “rule of law cannot yield to exaltation” and threatened that those responsible for “serious violent acts’ would be dealt with “sooner rather than later”.

Right-wing parties are calling for Sánchez to remove the Catalan regional government by invoking Article 155 of the constitution. In October 2017, the right-wing Popular Party (PP), with the support of the PSOE [Pedro Sánchez’s party], invoked this article, used this power to suspend the democratically elected Catalan regional government and imposed elections under the presence of thousands of police forces sent by Madrid.

PP leader Pablo Casado demanded that Sánchez act with “urgency” in Catalonia against riots and compared the situation to the “kale borroka” urban guerrilla operations in the Basque Country in the 1980s and 1990s. The most common actions at the time included attacks on offices of political parties, burning cars, attacking housing, and destroying ATMs, bank offices, public transport and rioting using Molotov cocktails.

Madrid has a long record of brutal repression using reactionary antiterror laws against the Basque separatists. Casado effectively called for the use of the same antiterror laws against Catalan protestors.

[Right-wing party] Citizens leader Albert Rivera also urged Sánchez to invoke Article 155 to suspend the elected regional government and to send more police forces. He declared that the protests and strike was “general sabotage to everyday life of Spaniards.”

‘Boycott Ryanair for its racism appeasement’

This 21 October 2018 video from Britain says about itself:

Racist incident filmed on Ryanair flight

Ryanair accused of inaction over racist incident on plane

A man on a Ryanair plane has been filmed calling a woman sitting in the same row an ‘ugly black bastard’, and shouting ‘don’t talk to me in a foreign language’ when she spoke to him in English with a Jamaican accent. The airline, criticised for not removing the abusive passenger, has referred the incident to Essex police.

By Will Stone in Britain:

Monday, October 22, 2018

Activists call for Ryanair boycott after ‘shameful’ racist incident

OUTRAGED activists called for a Ryanair boycott today following its handling of a “shameful” racist incident where an elderly passenger was called an “ugly black bastard.”

The 77-year-old victim, known only as Ms Gayle, was returning to London Stansted on Friday from a holiday in Barcelona to mark the anniversary of her husband’s death.

Shocking video footage posted online by a fellow passenger appears to show [a white man] refusing to sit next to her following a noisy row over seating before the Ryanair flight leaves.

He hurls racist abuse at the pensioner, calling her an “ugly black bastard” and threatens to “push” her if she doesn’t move.

Ms Gayle, who moved to Britain from Jamaica in the 1960s as part of the Windrush generation, is heard addressing her abuser in a Jamaican accent.

He replies: “Don’t talk to me in a fucking foreign language, you stupid, ugly cow.”

Ms Gayle asks to be moved to another seat, after which a flight attendant can be seen asking Mr Lawrence if he is okay. He replies: “I’m alright now she’s gone.”

Black Activist Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) co-founder Zita Holbourne called upon airline travellers to boycott Ryanair over its “woeful failure” to properly handle the incident.

She told the Star: “By doing nothing to protect the victim of this shocking and shameful racist abuse, the airline has effectively endorsed racism.

“He should have been told to leave the flight, not asked if he was okay.

“This is something that happened in segregation America and apartheid South Africa, it shouldn’t be happening on a Ryanair flight today. It’s unlawful.

“Only now has Ryanair acted after the full video has been widely publicised for all to see.”

She pointed out that her union, the Public and Civil Service (PCS) union, already boycotts the airline for its anti-union practices.

Supporting a Ryanair boycott, Stand Up To Racism joint secretary Sabby Dhalu said: “This man hurled racist abuse at a black woman. It is outrageous that he wasn’t removed from the plane and the woman was forced to move to another seat.

“This is yet another example of black people facing the double whammy of racist abuse and institutions effectively siding with the perpetrator.

“Ryanair must apologise for its actions and pay compensation to the woman subjected to racist abuse on its flight.”

NO RESPONSE FROM RYANAIR OVER RACIAL ATTACK The family of an elderly black woman who was racially abused on a Ryanair flight told HuffPost UK they are “surprised, disgusted and hurt” that they have still had no contact from the airline. [HuffPost]

Ryanair appeasement of racism

This video says about itself:


20 October 2018

This is the footage I recorded whilst on a Ryanair flight on 19 Oct 2018.

In the clip you can see and hear the man call the elderly woman an ugly black bastard.

He continually threatened physical violence and racial slurs and RYANAIR did nothing! The elderly lady was moved to another seat whilst the man was allowed to continue his journey with extra room and on board service.

So, not just Ryanair treating its workers like slaves, but also treating racist passengers like royalty …

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Black woman treated racistly on Ryanair flight

The Irish budget company Ryanair has come under fire on social media because of a video that appeared on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube … yesterday. In the video a black woman is treated in a racist way by a white man. He does not want to sit next to the woman.

A passenger has recorded the video. The man calls the woman an “ugly black bastard” and wants her to sit somewhere else. Otherwise he threatens to push her “to another place”. If the woman says something, the man reacts badly. “Do not talk to me in a fucking foreign language, you stupid, ugly cow.” A man who is behind the two is still trying to keep the peace. “Stop”, he says to the man several times.

Eventually the woman is asked to sit somewhere else and the man stays in place. Then he says to Ryanair staff: “I’m all right now, she’s gone.”


The anger of people on social media focuses on both the incident and Ryanair’s reaction. “If this is @Ryanair, they need to explain how this man’s disgusting racial abuse of the black lady in the seat next to him ends up with HER being asked to move. It is beyond belief”, writes BBC presenter Jeremy Vine on Twitter.

And Ryanair’s brief reaction to the incident also provokes angry reactions. “We are aware of this video and have reported this to the police”, the company writes on Twitter. “Because it is now with the police, we can not respond to it.” A twitterer says: “Training your staff so that they can handle such situations well would be a good start, this should never have gotten out of hand, it’s 2018.”

Deceased husband

Little is known about the background of the incident. The Huffington Post says to have spoken to the woman’s daughter. She is said to be a 77-year-old woman from London, who came to the United Kingdom from Jamaica in the 1960s.

The daughter says she will never fly Ryanair again. She thinks the police would have been called if a black passenger would have behaved like this. “And then we would have been kicked off of the flight.”

The 77-year-old woman had been on vacation to commemorate her deceased husband. It it is said to have been a flight from Barcelona to London.

Barcelona football supporters say free political prisoners

Barcelona protest, AFP photo

This photo is from the terraces of Barcelona football club on 4 November 2017, yesterday, when the home team played Sevilla. The Catalan language slogans demand freedom for political prisoners. The banner behind the football player dolls mentions the Catalan republic, proclaimed recently as independent from the kingdom of Spain.

Barcelona won the match, two goals to one.

This video says about itself:

Spain: Fans prepare to protest for Catalan leaders at Barcelona-Sevilla match

4 November 2017

Volunteers were seen handing out banners to fans with a message calling for freedom of the imprisoned Catalan leaders, outside Barcelona FC stadium Camp Nou, on Saturday night, before the kick-off of the match between Barcelona and Sevilla.

Big demonstration in Barcelona

This video says about itself:

21 October 2017

Thousands of pro-independence demonstrators gathered in Barcelona on Saturday (October 21) to protest Madrid´s decision to sack the secessionist leadership of Catalonia and force the region into a new election, saying it had to take these unprecedented steps to prevent Catalan independence.

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont joined the protests.

Puigdemont made a symbolic declaration of independence on Oct. 10, but on Thursday (October 19) he threatened to press ahead with a more formal one unless the [Madrid] government agreed to a dialogue.

The Catalan parliament is expected to decide on Monday (October 23) whether it will hold a plenary session next week to proclaim formally the republic of Catalonia.

Catalan media have said Puigdemont could decide to dissolve the regional parliament himself right after independence is proclaimed and call elections before the Spanish senate makes direct rule effective.

Under Catalan laws, those elections would take place within two months.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

[Left-wing] Mayor Colau of Barcelona, who recently said that she was not in favour of calling for independence for Catalonia, is fully behind the demonstration. She described the deposition of the Catalan regional government as an attack on the rights and freedoms of all.

President Bartomeu of the Barcelona football club also supports the protest. He said that the club is unconditionally behind the democratic bodies chosen by the people.

The Catalan Socialist Party [the social democrat PSC, daughter party of the Spanish PSOE], which does not support separation from Spain, said they were unable to accept the hard implementation of Article 155 of the Spanish constitution [by the Rajoy government in Madrid].

Pablo Echenique, a spokesman for [Spanish left-wing party] Podemos, tweeted: “The most corrupt party in Europe, which has 8.5% of the vote in Catalonia and is going to govern it. A terrible day for any democrat”: here. The Guardian estimates the number of Barcelona demonstrators today at 450,000.

Spanish police violence in Barcelona, video

This video shows today’s Spanish police violence in the El Guinardó neighbourhood in Barcelona at the request of the right-wing Rajoy minority government in Madrid to stop people from voting in the Catalan referendum.

Meanwhile, human rights organisations in Catalonia say police has injured at least 60 people for trying to vote.

Barcelona dockworkers boycott Spanish police repression ships

This video says about itself:

Spanish dockworkers’ leader Jordi Aragunde who is Coordinator of the Catalan-Balearic Area Port of Barcelona stevedores and one of the leaders of the International Dockworkers Council discusses the struggle of dockers in Spain and the attack on the working class in Europe and internationally. This includes the privatization of the ports of Greece … He also discusses other trade union federations and the difference that exists between them and the IDC.

He was interviewed at the headquarters of the Barcelona stevedores’ offices on June 6, 2014.

By Alejandro López in Spain:

Barcelona dockworkers boycott Spanish police ships sent against Catalan referendum

22 September 2017

Dockworkers in Catalonia’s two main ports, Barcelona and Tarragona, are refusing supply services to vessels carrying riot police and paramilitary Civil Guard units sent by Spain’s Ministry of Interior to crush the secessionist referendum. This comes amid a rapidly escalating political crisis in Spain caused by the central government repression of the independence referendum called by Catalan separatist forces for October 1.

Just over a week before the scheduled referendum, Spain’s Interior Ministry has activated one of the largest security operations since the end of the fascist regime of General Francisco Franco in 1978. It is employing three tourist cruise ships to house more than 4,000 police sent to Catalonia. Two of the boats are anchored in Barcelona and the third in Tarragona.

In an “extraordinary assembly” on Thursday morning, dockworkers from the Organization of Port Workers of Barcelona (Organización de Estibadores Portuarios de Barcelona -OEPB) met to declare their response to the previous day’s arrests. They unanimously agreed not to give any service to the two cruise ships, “in defence of civil rights”, and against what they defined as “repression ships.”

OEPB secretary Josep Maria Beot said the company managing the port had ordered five workers to take care of several containers of one of the boats. He added, “As long as this exceptional situation lasts, we will not attend the ships that are selected to respond to this situation.”

A dockworker, Gabriel Jiménez, told the daily El País: “Many civil rights are being violated, and as dockworkers, we are affected.” He added, “If they were normal cruise ships or a refugee boat we would supply it without thinking, but to these ships, if they ask us, we will not give them anything.”

Hours later, workers from the company managing the loading and unloading of goods in the port of Tarragona also refused to service the ships. They announced they would not supply fuel to the ships because they can contribute “to the repression of elementary democratic principles.”

On Wednesday, Spain’s Civil Guard arrested 14 high-ranking public officials in the Catalan regional government, and local Catalan businessmen. The same morning, they tried to raid the headquarters of the … separatist Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) party without a warrant. They stopped when protesters blocked the entrance.

This was the latest attempt of the conservative Popular Party (PP) government to halt the independence referendum. Days before, the Civil Guard seized voting cards, referendum posters, pamphlets and printing plates. They also closed 22 pro-referendum websites. Catalonia’s home rule has effectively been suspended after the central government took over the Catalan government’s financing system.

In response, for two straight days, mass protests have erupted in Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona.

On Wednesday night, Rajoy once again said that the referendum will not go ahead, and told Catalan regional premier Carles Puigdemont: “Don’t go ahead. Go back to the law and democracy. This referendum is a chimera.”

The following day, Puigdemont reacted by posting a tweet announcing to the Catalan population the locations where they will be able to vote.

Reports suggest that the PP government, supported by the [Blairite] Socialist Party (PSOE) and [pro-Big Business] Citizens, will activate Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution to legally suspend home rule in Catalonia. The article has never been invoked for fear it will trigger an eruption of political opposition both inside and outside of Catalonia.

The Catalan nationalists have laid the basis for state repression of the region’s dockworkers. The separatist Catalan European Democratic Party (PDeCAT), to which Catalan premier Puigdemont belongs, voted last May alongside the Basque Nationalist Party in favour of the PP government’s decree stripping the dockworkers of basic rights and benefits. The law, passed under pressure from the European Union, led to the privatisation of the ports and the decimation of working and safety conditions for 6,000 dockworkers.

Defending their support to the PP’s law, the PDeCAT spokesperson in the Spanish parliament, Ferran Bel, declared that he hoped the EU will “take note of our [the Catalan separatists’] commitment to Europe.”

Behind Bel’s phrase was the commitment that the Catalan bourgeoisie would not hesitate to comply with the EU’s crushing austerity, militarism, imperialist wars, and incitement of xenophobia. It showed that the independent Catalan republic they aim to build would carry out the same type of attacks on workers as it has already done as a regional government.

The dockworkers’ courageous and principled stand in defence of democratic rights is a sign of growing radicalisation of the working class. It is the first sign of the working class intervening in the emerging crisis of bourgeois rule. …

While most of the Spanish media is backing Rajoy’s measures and calling for a further crackdown, Catalan dailies are warning of the social unrest this can create.

Enric Juliana in La Vanguardia warns that the “growth of the protest may blur some emotional boundaries between the supporters of independence and those against. This new movement can increase in the next days, depending on the decision of the state apparatus.”

Yesterday’s editorial of El Periódico de Catalunya warned, “Social indignation has gone beyond the perimeter of independence to extend to the trade unions, university rectors, students, professional schools and institutions as emblematic as Football Club Barcelona. This almost unanimous clamour should lead the Interior Ministry to measure its future steps very well, unless the forcefulness on display seeks to precipitate street mobilisations. In any case, the air of insurrection of these protests, like a thermometer of the social temperature, deserves a deep political reflection on the part of the two governments.”

CNT warns of riot cops shipped into Barcelona docks: here.

Spanish government dispatches police reinforcements to Catalonia: here.

UPDATE: Madrid government abolishes Catalan police autonomy.

See also here.

Barcelona demonstrators denounce terrorism, government’s militarism

This 26 August 2017 video shows Barcelona anti-terror demonstrators booing King Felipe VI of Spain, holding signs saying Felipe, if you love peace you should not sell arms [to Saudi Arabia]; while shouting Get out!

By Alex Lantier:

Anger at war, government complicity with terrorism erupts at Barcelona march

28 August 2017

The official march called Saturday after the August 17 terror attack in Barcelona turned into an unprecedented demonstration of public hostility to imperialist proxy wars in the Middle East that spawned the Islamist networks now carrying out terror attacks across Europe.

Spanish King Felipe VI, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and other top officials were greeted with booing, honking car horns, and shouts of “Your policies, our dead”. Others at the 500,000-strong march denounced Spanish weapons sales to Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, shouting, “Felipe, if you want peace you don’t do weapons trafficking” and “Mariano, we want peace not weapons sales.” As the King and Rajoy marched, they were repeatedly met with catcalls and shouts of “Get out, get out.”

Rajoy’s conservative Popular Party (PP) government and regional authorities in Catalonia had called what they hoped would be a right-wing protest, denouncing terrorism and calling for peace and unity behind the police and the state. This backfired, however, as large numbers of protesters denounced war and official complicity with terrorism.

As the conservative Internet daily El Español confessed, pre-prepared, official “blue signs calling for peace were overwhelmed by others, that blamed the heads of state and of government for weapons trafficking, and connected the Spanish monarch to Saudi Arabia, a country accused of financing the Islamic State,” which carried out the Barcelona attack.

Protesters held pictures of King Felipe meeting Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, or of former PP Prime Minister José Maria Aznar meeting with US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair as they led the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Protesters also cited evidence of state foreknowledge or even complicity in the attack, as Madrid-Barcelona rivalries grow before the scheduled October 1 Catalan independence referendum. One man, who told El Pais that “the King cannot come to a pacifist demonstration and sell weapons to Saudi Arabia,” added that “the government hid information about the terrorists to the Mossos d’Esquadra”, the Catalan regional police.

On Sunday, Rajoy was compelled to respond to press reports of his debacle at the march. He refused to address any of the protesters’ criticisms, but arrogantly declared, “The insults of certain people, we didn’t listen to them,” and added: “Yesterday we were where we had to be and with those we had to be with, expressing our support for terror victims and showing our solidarity with the immense majority of sensible and moderate Catalans.” He called on Catalonia to abandon the scheduled October 1 independence referendum and “plans for rupture.”

Catalan officials, shocked by an outpouring of antiwar sentiment, tried to downplay it. “We should not exaggerate it,” Carles Puigdemont, the president of the Catalan Generalitat, said of the booing of the King, adding, “People expressed themselves in liberty, in conviviality, and in peace.”

Fifteen people are dead and over 100 wounded in a horrific attack in Barcelona—the latest in a spate of Islamist attacks since 2015 that have killed hundreds and wounded thousands across Europe, from Paris to Brussels, Berlin and Manchester. Imperialist wars are not a supplementary issue to terrorism, but the driving force in the eruption of Islamist terror attacks in Europe, that must be halted if these attacks are to cease.

Washington and the European powers relied on Islamist militias in the 2011 war in Libya and then in the now six-year-old war in Syria, working with Persian Gulf oil sheikdoms like Saudi Arabia to plunge billions of dollars into Islamist terror networks. They recruited tens of thousands of fighters in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to carry out shooting or bombing raids against regimes targeted by the NATO powers. In 2012, the Pentagon designated one proxy militia, Al Nusra, as a terrorist group and Al Qaeda affiliate, though it has continued to receive NATO support.

The events in Barcelona point to explosive class conflicts now building up in Spain and across Europe. Since 2015, the ruling class has continued to tolerate terror networks as a foreign policy tool, while using the attacks these networks carried out in Europe as a pretext to press for police-state measures—imposing a state of emergency in France, placing Brussels on lockdown, or putting armed law enforcement on the streets in Britain—based on the lie that Europe was waging a “war on terror”. This lie is now wearing thin, however.

Workers, facing high unemployment and waves of social cuts imposed by the financial aristocracy across Europe, are deeply hostile to the pro-war and antidemocratic policies of the political establishment. This opposition is all the more significant and explosive in that it brings the workers objectively into conflict with the entire ruling establishment, including its nominally “left” factions.

This 26 August 2017 video from Barcelona is about anti-terrorist demonstrators booing the king of Spain Felipe VI and Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy.

A spate of news reports last week raised questions about US and European government foreknowledge of the August 17 terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils that killed 15 people and wounded more than 100, and how this attack was allowed to proceed. It is ever clearer that the Islamic State (IS) [ISIS] terror cell was under close surveillance by multiple intelligence services of NATO powers, including France, the United States, and Belgium: here.

Spanish media have confirmed that Abdelbaki es-Satty, the mastermind of the August 17 Islamic State (IS) terror attacks in Barcelona, was a police informant: here.

Spain’s Constitutional Court announced the suspension of the “transition” to independence law passed by Catalonia’s regional parliament last Friday. This comes after roughly 1 million people marched in Barcelona last Monday on Catalonia’s national day, and less than three weeks before the Catalan independence referendum scheduled for October 1: here.

Barcelona Muslims’ mass anti-terrorism demonstration

This video says about itself:

“Not in my name” shout Muslims in Barcelona

21 August 2017

“We are all Barcelona” say Muslims who held a demonstration in Barcelona at the weekend denouncing the terror attack that called 15 people.

A comment on this video says:

Conservatives: “Muslims need to speak out if they’re against terrorism!”

Also conservatives [if Muslims do so]: “These Muslims are lying and are terrorist sympathizers!”

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Spain: Thousands of Muslims out against jihadi terror

Wednesday 23rd August 2017

THOUSANDS of Muslims voiced their rejection of jihadi extremism on Monday evening, marching through central Barcelona with banners reading: “Terrorism has no religion.”

They paraded from the Plaza de Catalunya, close to where Younes Abouyaaqoub drove a van into pedestrians on Las Ramblas, killing 13 people and injuring over 100 last Thursday.

He had earlier killed the van’s driver. Representatives of three Islamic communities delivered a statement in Catalan, Spanish and Arabic, saying that local Muslims rejected violence and offered support to those injured in the attack.

Improvised placards reading “We are also victims,” “Terrorism has no religion,” “We are all Barcelona, not terrorism,” were held by the crowd.

The demonstration was attended by local politicians, including members of all parties represented in the Catalan parliament and Barcelona City Council.

Suspected members of the same terrorist cell as the van driver, who was shot dead by police on Monday, appeared in a Madrid court yesterday.