Dutch woman kidnapped in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya

This video from England says about itself:

Salman Abedi: ‘Public called anti-terrorism hotline about suicide bomber‘ – BBC News

24 May 2017

A Muslim community worker has told BBC News that members of the public called the police anti-terrorism hotline warning about the Manchester suicide bomber’s extreme and violent views several years ago. The BBC also understands that Abedi was in Manchester earlier this year when he told people of the value of dying for a cause and made hardline statements about suicide operations and the conflict in Libya.

The community worker – who did not want to be identified – said two people who knew Salman Abedi at college made separate calls to the police. They had been worried that “he was supporting terrorism” and had expressed the view that “being a suicide bomber was OK.” The friends had argued with him, telling him he was wrong but had become so concerned they contacted the police. The community worker told the BBC “all of the publicity is about Muslims not coming forward and this shows that they are coming forward and expressing their concerns.” The calls are thought to have been made around five years ago after Abedi left school.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Missed woman in Libya turns out to have been arrested

Today, 10:00

The Dutch woman who has been missing for a few days has been found in Libya; she was arrested by the Libyan authorities.

Which Libyan authorities? There are at least three governments in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya, killing each other’s fighters and civilians.

The [Dutch] Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked if they can visit Yvonne Snitjer. …

Because the situation in Libya is too insecure, the Dutch Embassy in Libya has been closed for three years. The members of the embassy now work from neighbouring Tunisia.

I hope it will be possible for embassy staff to make the dangerous journey from Tunisia to Ms Snitjer’s prison cell, without being kidnapped like her, or being killed.

Ms Snitjer lives in Libya, and used to send Twitter messages from there, apparently until she was kidnapped. Many of these tweets looked at bloody Libya through rose-coloured glasses. However, rose-coloured glasses may be the only way for tweeps to survive Libyan warlords.

One of Ms Snitjer’s tweets was not so rose-coloured. She mentioned that in the ‘whole south of Libya’ [and the north is not that better, by the way] the hospitals have ‘no medicines at all. Few depts actually working.’

That truth may have hurt one or more warlords in Libya, and may have led to Yvonne Snitjer’s kidnapping.

Ms Snitjer’s friends are happy that they now at least know where she is (though the report does not mention in which one of Libya’s prisons; often torture prisons). Yet, they will only be really happy if Ms Snitjer will be freed. And they can be only totally really happy if people can be in Libya without being kidnapped or killed.

Libyan woman Zahra’ Langhi wrote on Twitter, after the news about Ms Snitjer:

NOW, Can we do same for LIBYAN HUMANITARIAN JABIR ZAIN? #FreeJabir

Missing since 09/2016 #Tripoli

Jabir Zain, Yvonne Snitjer and so many others became victims of NATO’s 2011 regime change and oil war.

Like the murdered audience of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England recently. Their direct murderer was, of course, Libyan suicide bomber Salman Abedi. However, indirectly, more people share at least some of the guilt. Like Salman Abedi’s jihadist parents who brought him to the hell of the Libyan war to serve as 15-year-old child soldier jihadist NATO cannon fodder. And British MI5 secret police which OK’d child soldiers going from Britain to that war as jihadist NATO cannon fodder. And British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, boss of MI5, who OK’d child soldiers going from Britain to that war as jihadist NATO cannon fodder. And French right-wing President Sarkozy, and United States Republican Senator John McCain, Cameron’s warmongering buddies. That bloody war destroyed Salman Abedi’s mental health, and would destroy so many lives in Manchester six years later.

UPDATE: the latest NOS update now says Ms Snitjer was arrested because she had made photos and films of firefights in her neighbourhood. Earlier, no reason was known. In that case, it would not be about her tweet on the public health disaster in ‘new’ Libya, but about a similar ‘bad publicity’ (lack of) free speech issue.

The latest claim by Greater Manchester Police that suicide bomber Salman Abedi acted alone is part of a cover-up launched by the Conservative government and the intelligence agencies to conceal their responsibility for the May 22 atrocity that claimed 22 lives. On Tuesday evening, Detective Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson of the north-west counter-terrorism unit issued a statement claiming, “Our enquiries show Abedi himself made most of the purchases of the core components [of the bomb] and what is becoming apparent is that many of his movements and actions have been carried out alone during the four days from him landing in the country and committing this awful attack.” The portrayal of Abedi as a “lone wolf” flatly contradicts numerous previous statements by Prime Minister Theresa May, Home Secretary Amber Rudd, the police and media that he was part of a sophisticated terror cell that required mobilising the army onto Britain’s streets to prevent a second attack: here.

UAE breaches UN arms embargo with gunship exports to [Libyan warlord] Haftar: here.

The Obama administration’s “regime change” debacles in Libya and Syria are spreading terrorist violence into Europe, but they have inflicted vastly more bloodshed in those two tragic nations, writes Jonathan Marshall.

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