British allies Saudi Arabia’s money to ISIS

This video says about itself:

ISIS Fighter: “Turkey and Saudi Arabia support us, we love them” (English)

18 November 2015

This ISIS (Islamic Terrorist) was captured by YPG Kurdish fighters during the recent liberation of Sinjar and being interviewed by an Israeli journalist, he talsk about how ISIS get its support from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, saying “Why wouldn’t we like them?”

By David Lowry in Britain:

There are alternatives to war – just follow the money

Saturday 5th December 2015

Saudi Arabia’s support for Isis is the elephant in the room, says DAVID LOWRY

In his belligerent speech in the parliamentary debate on bombing Syria, shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn asserted: “Of course we should take action — there is no contradiction between the two — to cut off Daesh’s support in the form of money, fighters and weapons. Of course we should give humanitarian aid. Of course we should offer shelter to more refugees, including in this country, and, yes, we should commit to play our full part in helping to rebuild Syria when the war is over.”

But he made no suggestions as to how the support for Isis should be stopped, despite being in charge of Labour’s diplomatic policy.

More constructively, Green MP Caroline Lucas insisted: “Why are we not applying sanctions to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states that have turned a blind eye and allowed the flow of finance to Isis and, potentially, other terrorist groups? Why are we still selling weapons to Saudi Arabia?”

At Prime Minister’s questions two weeks ago Jeremy Corbyn asked: “Surely a crucial way to help defeat Isil [Isis] is to cut off its funding, its supply of arms and its trade.

“May I press the Prime Minister to ensure that our allies in the region — indeed, all countries in the region — are doing all they can to clamp down on individuals and institutions in their countries who are providing Isil with vital infrastructure? Will he, through the European Union and other forums if necessary, consider sanctions against those banks and companies and, if necessary, countries, that turn a blind eye to financial dealings with Isil that assist it in its work?”

The problem the war-mongering Cameron and virtually the entire media ignores is blowback from an insane support policy for the Saudi Arabian Sunni regime and Sunni-led Qatar by France, the US and Britain, all of which have sold billions of euros, pounds and dollars worth of arms to the medievalist kingdom.

In May this year the French news channel France24 published an article online warning France’s arms sales to the Middle East generally — and Saudi Arabia in particular — could be at a high “strategic cost.”

It reported that when Qatar agreed to buy 24 French Rafale fighter jets in a €6.3 billion contract at the end of April, it represented “yet another major success for France’s arms industry,” and was “hailed by Hollande and his government.”

Saudi Arabia has proved a lucrative trading partner for French arms manufacturers, most recently in a deal signed last November which saw the kingdom buy $3 billion of French weapons and military equipment.

In his closing press conference to the G20 summit in Antalya in Turkey, President Barack Obama asserted: “Here at the G20, our nations have sent an unmistakable message that we are united against this [Isis] threat.”

Not quite all — Saudi Arabia’s King Salman was one of the G20 attendees. His country is still heavily supporting Isis.

A year ago in the Daily Telegraph, General Jonathan Shaw, who retired as assistant chief of the defence staff in 2012, argued that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were “primarily responsible for the rise of the extremist Islam that inspires Isil terrorists.”

General Shaw emphasised: “This is a time bomb that, under the guise of education, Wahhabi Salafism is igniting under the world really. And it is funded by Saudi and Qatari money and that must stop.”

He forcefully added that the British and US air campaign would not “stop the support of people in Qatar and Saudi Arabia for this kind of activity,” stressing: “It’s missing the point.”

Despite this evidence, Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood told Labour veteran back-bench MP Paul Flynn on November 24: “The Saudi Arabian government is working to reduce the threat that religious extremists pose in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, and has a comprehensive set of laws in place to prevent terrorist financing, which it enforces vigorously.”

Putting your head deep into the Arabian sand won’t make Isis go away.

USA: The other source of the alleged “radicalization” under investigation is trips made by [San Bernardino shooter] Farook to Saudi Arabia, Washington’s other closest ally in the Arab world, along with his wife’s previous residence in the kingdom. Pakistani family members of Malik’s father have told the media that they were shocked by how hardline and conservative he had become in his beliefs after moving to Saudi Arabia, which is the ideological font, as well as a major financial sponsor, of Islamist terrorism: here.

Saudi Arabia assembles coalition of 34 Muslim countries to fight ‘terrorism’ – but there’s no mention of Isis. The new alliance also fails to include key players in region including Iran, Iraq or Syria: here.

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