Painter Mondriaan’s love letters discovered

Piet Mondriaan, about 1918

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

“Love letters show unknown side of Mondriaan

Today, 12:31

The RKD-Dutch Institute for Art History has acquired a special archive of Piet Mondriaan. It is comprised of 22 previously unpublished love letters written by the artist in the period 1918 to 1923 to his friend Willy Wentholt.

The archive is from Cis Heijdenrijk-Osendarp, one of the founders of the Mondriaanhuis in Amersfoort. In addition to the letters, the collection also includes portraits of Mondriaan and Wentholt.

Willy Wentholt, about 1919

“The letters show a side of Mondriaan about which we know little,” said Chris Stolwijk, director of the RKD. “The archive is a crucial addition, the letters are of great value.”

The letters show that there was more than just a friendship between the painter and Wentholt, who met during the First World War in Amsterdam.

He writes about “the illusion of a very big love” in a letter dated March 16, 1918.

Mondriaan also writes about his rather isolated life as an abstract artist in Paris.

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