48 thoughts on “European Union demands more austerity in Spain, Portugal

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  5. Monday 5th December 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    “THE EU cannot and will not offer Scotland a fair or equal future,” Jim Sillars told the founding conference of Radical Options for Scotland and Europe (Rose) this weekend in Glasgow.

    The former deputy leader of the Scottish National Party cited the treatment of Greece and Portugal over recent months. First Minister “Nicola Sturgeon is deluding herself if she thinks Scotland would fare any better. Scotland will need its own economic powers of intervention if it is to address the urgent challenges of technological change and be able to rescue basic industries such as oil.”

    Chairing the conference, Eddie McGuire said that the objective of the new organisation was to unite all those on the left, whether they voted Remain and Leave, who wanted to campaign for a progressive outcome.

    Pauline Bryan of the Scottish Labour Campaign for Socialism welcomed this approach and praised the work of Labour MSP Neil Findlay and SNP MSP Alex Neill in spelling out the opportunities that now existed. “We can end the privatisation of health and social services, take back utilities into public ownership, re-establish comprehensive collective bargaining and enforce decent wages and conditions, but only if Britain remains outside the single market.”

    RMT regional organiser Gordon Martin described the disastrous effect of the EU on Scotland’s transport services and welcomed the recent statement from Scottish Transport Minister Humza Yousaf on redeveloping public ownership.

    “But let’s not fool ourselves. If we remain within the single market, rail transport will be subject to even greater fragmentation and privatisation as a result of the [European Commission’s proposed] fourth railway package,” he said.

    Former chair of the Commons Scottish affairs select committee Ian Davidson spoke of the opportunities that now existed to rescue Scotland’s fishing industry and use agricultural subsidies to redevelop local food production and protect fragile communities.

    “Leaving the EU provides real opportunities for land reform and stopping the super-rich monopolising our countryside, using EU subsidies to do so,” he said.

    Kevin McCorry brought greetings from the Irish People’s Movement. “[The EU] imposed on Ireland a totally unsustainable financial regime and, when it failed, forced the Irish people to pay off a €64 billion debt to the German and French bankers who caused the crisis in the first place.

    “Ordinary people in Ireland are watching closely your efforts to regain your economic democracy,” he said.



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