‘War on terror’ brings terror to Britain

This video from Britain says about itself:

Jeremy CorbynStop The War Coalition conference

Stop The War Coalition – Confronting a World at War conference: Saturday June 6th 2015: TUC, Congress House, London, England.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

West can’t shut eyes anymore

Monday 5th June 2017

THE latest terrorist outrage in London should be the cause for magnifying the debate on Britain and the West’s foreign policy in the “Greater Middle East,” not closing it down.

The term itself derives from US strategic reports in the 1980s which set out common objectives for the region from Morocco in north-west Africa across to Afghanistan, Pakistan and former Soviet republics on the borders of China.

Under the cover of promoting democracy and secularism, the real aims were to create a giant free trade area presided over by regimes allied to the US and Nato. Vast natural resources in the Middle East and the Asian subcontinent would be opened up fully to US and other transnational corporations.

Troublesome local regimes which refused to fall in line with the plan — whether from progressive or reactionary motives — were to be destabilised and removed. This has since happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Where the popular masses presumed to intervene, the situation has been brought back under control, as in Algeria, Bahrain and Egypt. When the people removed a pro-Western stooge in Yemen, they have been bombed into destitution by a Saudi-led coalition with British and US assistance.

Most of the Arab kingdoms and former Soviet republics in the region are in the hands of corrupt and authoritarian despots. They crush dissent and participate in Western war plans, hosting the US and Nato military facilities that now pepper the Greater Middle East. …

The consequence has been massive misery and destruction for the Syrian people, as for the Libyans, Yemenis, Afghans and Iraqis.

In the midst of this chaos, with Western military forces bombing, invading and occupying mostly Arab or Muslim countries since the first Gulf war in 1990, the reactionary forces of Islamic sectarian fundamentalism have enjoyed a renaissance.

Where once they accepted US and British assistance in their terrorist campaigns against secular governments and the left in Greater Middle East countries — and still do in Syria — they now turn their terrorism against their one-time patrons, in “jihad” (holy war) against the Western “crusaders”.

The tragedy is that many of these deranged terrorists have either been trained and resourced by Britain’s military and intelligence services, or are directed by those who have.

When the likes of Manchester mass murderer Salman Abedi and his associates were fighting jihad against Colonel Gadaffi in Libya or Bashar al-Assad in Syria, they were free to plot, to leave Britain and return.

Hundreds of British-born or domiciled-known jihadists have been allowed to go to the Middle East, often given easy passage through Turkey by the pro-Nato, Islamist government in Ankara.

The dead and wounded on the streets of London and Manchester are now paying a bitter price for British ruling class perfidy. The politicians who claim to be the staunchest opponents of terrorism — and accuse the Labour Party leaders of being its accomplices — have betrayed the people of Britain. Their disastrous foreign policy has nurtured the terrorists.

Far from keeping us safe, the pro-imperialist politicians and their media cheerleaders have put us all in harm’s way. We are protected only by the courageous public servants in the under-resourced emergency and security services and by our fellow citizens in the Muslim community who provide such invaluable information about the would-be killers in our midst.

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