After Aznar, Blair, Berlusconi, Bush’s Australian crony Howard falls

This satirical Australian video is called George Bush & John Howard.

From British daily The Independent:

Leading article: Another skittle of the old order falls

Published: 25 November 2007

That is that. The end. This time, it is the end for John Howard. It is all over for another leader identified with the invasion of Iraq. Jose Maria Aznar of Spain was voted out in 2004; Silvio Berlusconi of Italy fell last year; Tony Blair was forced out by his own party earlier this year; Jaroslaw Kaczynski of Poland lost last month; only George Bush, the prime mover, is left, and as he sets records for unpopularity he is a much reduced figure, limping to his expiry date in 2009.

Mr Howard, the four-time winner, has finally been defeated, with the added humiliation of almost certainly losing his own seat.

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From the USA: Thanksgiving Memories of a Son Killed in Iraq, By a Gold Star Mother…The Day After: here.

Blair and religion: here.

17 thoughts on “After Aznar, Blair, Berlusconi, Bush’s Australian crony Howard falls

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