11 Prado museum jobs, 19,000 applications

This video from Spain is called Masterpieces of the Prado Museum in Google Earth.

Translated from daily De Volkskrant in the Netherlands:

05/28/13, 15:35

How huge unemployment in Spain is becomes evident from the figures which the famous Prado Museum in Madrid has announced this week about the number of applications for eleven attendant jobs. In total no less than 19,000 people responded. …

The salary of a [Prado] attendant is about 13,000 euro per year.

The crisis causes more than half the people under 25 in Spain to be unemployed. Youth unemployment is thus – together with Greece – the highest of the entire eurozone.

See also here.

Hundreds of desperate job seekers queued on the street in New York City for up to six days for the chance to file applications for elevator service and repair apprenticeships: here.

Sotheby’s sells stolen work of art: here.


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