Spanish king abuses Christmas for right-wing austerity propaganda

King Philip VI of Spain, cartoon by Kap

From Telesur in South America:

Critics Attack Spanish King‘s Christmas Speech for Forgetting the Masses

25 December 2015

Philip VI’s discourse sounded similar to the conservative party’s narrative about a so-called economic recovery, while millions still suffer from the crisis.

Various political parties fiercely criticized the Spanish King‘s traditional Christmas speech on Friday, saying he failed to address the people’s real and daily concerns, which have largely stemmed from the 2008 financial crisis.

The head of the leftist Podemos party Pablo Iglesias called out the monarch for ignoring the high unemployment, social inequalities and corruption that are affecting millions of Spanish people.

“What I share: Spain is diverse and plural. What is missing: unemployment, inequalities, a country with its people and without corruption. Nice tie ;)”

The leader of Izquierda Unida, Alberto Garzon, said that Philip VI of Spain “bought” the conservative People’s Party‘s narrative, defending the idea that the so-called recent economic recovery was the result of the policies implemented by the PP over the four past years. He also told the press the monarch was clearly not aware of the concerns of the majority.

The Communist Party’s General-Secretary Jose Luis Centella said the speech was “frustrating and annoying” for not referring to the millions of people still affected by the crisis.

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He added that the monarch is obviously not concerned with resolving issues like unemployment, housing or poverty. He also blamed Philip VI for failing to mention the thousands of young Spaniards who are leaving their homes to seek a better future abroad.

The king’s speech took place four days after the country’s general elections, which resulted in an unprecedented scenario in the Congress, as the four main parties are now compelled to build alliances before they can create a stable cabinet—which still won’t reach a majority—or convoke new elections.

Spanish social media users also reacted negatively to the speech, using the hashtag #AdiosFelipeVI (“Good bye Philip VI”).

“I haven’t listened to the King’s speech. I don’t care. He does not bring anything. He does not change anything. He does not represent us nor belong to us.”

The head of state should be elected by all citizens.”

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