Ryanair appeasement of racism

This video says about itself:


20 October 2018

This is the footage I recorded whilst on a Ryanair flight on 19 Oct 2018.

In the clip you can see and hear the man call the elderly woman an ugly black bastard.

He continually threatened physical violence and racial slurs and RYANAIR did nothing! The elderly lady was moved to another seat whilst the man was allowed to continue his journey with extra room and on board service.

So, not just Ryanair treating its workers like slaves, but also treating racist passengers like royalty …

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Black woman treated racistly on Ryanair flight

The Irish budget company Ryanair has come under fire on social media because of a video that appeared on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube … yesterday. In the video a black woman is treated in a racist way by a white man. He does not want to sit next to the woman.

A passenger has recorded the video. The man calls the woman an “ugly black bastard” and wants her to sit somewhere else. Otherwise he threatens to push her “to another place”. If the woman says something, the man reacts badly. “Do not talk to me in a fucking foreign language, you stupid, ugly cow.” A man who is behind the two is still trying to keep the peace. “Stop”, he says to the man several times.

Eventually the woman is asked to sit somewhere else and the man stays in place. Then he says to Ryanair staff: “I’m all right now, she’s gone.”


The anger of people on social media focuses on both the incident and Ryanair’s reaction. “If this is @Ryanair, they need to explain how this man’s disgusting racial abuse of the black lady in the seat next to him ends up with HER being asked to move. It is beyond belief”, writes BBC presenter Jeremy Vine on Twitter.

And Ryanair’s brief reaction to the incident also provokes angry reactions. “We are aware of this video and have reported this to the police”, the company writes on Twitter. “Because it is now with the police, we can not respond to it.” A twitterer says: “Training your staff so that they can handle such situations well would be a good start, this should never have gotten out of hand, it’s 2018.”

Deceased husband

Little is known about the background of the incident. The Huffington Post says to have spoken to the woman’s daughter. She is said to be a 77-year-old woman from London, who came to the United Kingdom from Jamaica in the 1960s.

The daughter says she will never fly Ryanair again. She thinks the police would have been called if a black passenger would have behaved like this. “And then we would have been kicked off of the flight.”

The 77-year-old woman had been on vacation to commemorate her deceased husband. It it is said to have been a flight from Barcelona to London.

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