British solidarity with Spanish miners

This video is called Spain’s anti-austerity frontline: Marching miners invade Madrid.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Striking Spanish miners call for support

Thursday 07 March 2013

A support network set up to help striking Spanish miners said today that it had received an appeal for renewed help.

Spanish miners’ leaders say their fight for survival is now desperate.

Ex-miners and others linked to a miners list e-mail network mobilised when Spain’s coal miners went on strike last year to defend their industry, jobs and communities.

A delegation flew to Spain to meet Spanish mining union activists. Collections were organised and thousands of pounds were raised and sent to Spain.

The supporters have received a message of thanks from Miguel Prieto Andres of CCOO union’s mining section in Castille and Leon – and a warning that the struggle continues.

In it he wrote: “The workers and their families are in a situation of economic need and desperation, they have been battling for a long time.

“We have to take up arms again and return to fight in defence of the sector.”

A member of the northern England group said: “The message is clear. We need to ready ourselves for a resumption of solidarity action.”

6 thoughts on “British solidarity with Spanish miners

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