From NATO’s Libya war to Manchester terror

This video from the USA says about itself:

From Libya to Manchester, Western Intervention Endangers Civilians

29 May 2017

Max Blumenthal, Senior Editor for Alternet‘s Grayzone Project, says the Manchester bombing’s ties to NATO intervention in Libya exemplify how Western policies overseas can help lead to attacks at home.

The Manchester Bombing Is Blowback from the West’s Disastrous Interventions and Covert Proxy Wars. How the U.S. and the U.K. helped bring jihadists like Salem Abedi to Libya and Syria. By Max Blumenthal.

This video from Britain says about itself:

Corbyn: War on Terror is not Working – We Need a New Solution

28 May 2017

Kam Sandhu of Real Media UK says that Corbyn has opened up a conversation in the UK that many people want to have but they have been under siege with ongoing terror attacks.

Spooks, torture, oil and war—how the British state brought terror to Libya. The British state has a long history of interfering in the Middle East. The carnage it sowed in Libya has now come back to expose the politicians who led it, argues Simon Basketter.

ISIS attacks in Europe coordinated from Libya, according to Italian weekly L’Espresso.

Britain is locked in ‘extraordinary’ feud with Libya over extradition of brother of Manchester suicide bomber who ‘played key role in atrocity’. Hashem Abedi, 20, accused of playing role in outrage which left 22 people dead. He is said to have helped brother Salman, 22, buy materials for device he detonated at concert on May 22. Britain had extradition agreement with Libya but it collapsed when Colonel Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011: here.

UK terror report confirms Manchester and London terror attackers known to MI5: here.

28 thoughts on “From NATO’s Libya war to Manchester terror

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  19. Saturday 4th
    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    HUNDREDS of anti-fascists including victims of the Manchester bombing gathered in the city yesterday to oppose a book launch by far-right activist Tommy Robinson.

    English Defence League (EDL) founder Mr Robinson launched his Islamaphobic tome at the open-air venue Castlefield Bowl.

    He has tried to exploit the horrific attack at the Arena stadium in May that left 22 people dead before, last time by staging an anti-Islam demonstration in the city in July.

    Angry protesters gathered in the city’s St Peter’s Square and marched to the launch.

    Among its opponents was Dan Hett, brother of Martyn Hett who died in the Arena attack.

    He said: “I am wholly in support of standing up against Tommy Robinson’s book launch in my home city.

    “There is only one reason he chose this city and that is the attack we suffered so recently.

    “As this city is still healing, he has cynically booked his event right at the epicentre, in order to maximise press and commentary around launching his book of anti-Islam propaganda — using the extremist attack to further his own fascist agenda and line his own pockets.

    “Manchester is a vibrant, creative, multicultural city that is still reeling from the attack on its people, and we stand together to tell him and his followers that they are not welcome here.”

    The protest, organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF), saw support from trade unions and Labour MPs Dan Carden, Andrew Gwynne, Afzal Khan, Kate Green and Derek Twigg.

    Ms Green said: “Mr Robinson’s political opinions are vicious, divisive and dangerous, and he is not welcome in our diverse, multicultural and friendly communities here in Greater Manchester.

    “I abhor all forms of discrimination, including anti-semitism, Islamophobia, and all forms of racism, and I warmly support Unite Against Fascism in their campaign against this event.”

    UAF North West’s Paul Jenkins called Robinson “the enemy of freedom of speech” and the Manchester community the “defenders” of free speech.

    He said: “Tommy Robinson — a man with a record of organising violent EDL demonstrations — is seeking to bring division to the united, multicultural city of Manchester.

    “The majority of people in Greater Manchester oppose racism, and stand united against the racism and violence that Tommy Robinson seeks to whip up.”

    Maz Saleem, whose father Mohammed was murdered by a neo-Nazi terrorist in Birmingham, told the Star: “Tommy Robinson over the last 10 years has encouraged violence and Islamophobia. His book is complete lies and propaganda.

    “Attacks on Muslim women are at an unprecedented level.

    “Attacks on Muslims in Manchester have increased by 500 per cent, and Tommy Robinson is actively encouraging violence and extremism.”

    Ms Saleem launched the popular petition to ban his book from Amazon, which has over 3,000 signatures.

    To add your voice to the petition visit:


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