Gulls and rock pipit video

This autumn 2016 video is about the North Sea beach between Katwijk and Wassenaar in the Netherlands. Including black-headed gulls, herring gulls, an Eurasian rock pipit and other birds.

Young house sparrows video

This October 2016 video shows house sparrows, including youngsters. Also blue tit and great tit.

The video was recorded in the and dunes south of Katwijk in the Netherlands.

Refugee children learn astronomy in the Netherlands

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Kickstart the Universe: UNAWE crowdfund to send astronomy educational resources around the globe

14 May 2014

Leiden University‘s Universe Awareness educational programme has launched an innovative Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to share the educational toolkit, Universe in a Box, with underprivileged communities around the world.

From Leiden University in the Netherlands:

Refugee children explore cosmos with Universe Awareness

14 October 2016

In September 2016, the educational programme Universe Awareness (UNAWE) implemented a series of educational activities at Basisschool De Verrekijker, a primary school for refugee children in Katwijk, the Netherlands.

In this month-long astronomy project, more than 180 children and their teachers engaged in astronomy educational activities. For instance, participants learned about the planets of our Solar System and created their own spaceships. This astronomy-themed month was concluded on 30 September with a visit from the NOVA Mobile Planetarium and a family day where parents and siblings could see what the students learned and created.

Universe Awareness

Since early 2016, UNAWE has implemented several initiatives with refugee children in the Leiden region. UNAWE aims to inspire young children around the world with astronomy, science and technology, because astronomy embodies a unique combination of scientific and cultural aspects. Learning about our amazing cosmos offers a special perspective on our place in the Universe that encourages a sense of global citizenship and tolerance.

Discovery Club

In the first half of 2016, UNAWE implemented Discovery Club, an after-school Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) programme developed to inspire, educate and entertain children and parents in refugee centres. Discovery Club held weekly sessions with a group of around 30 children. According to Tibisay Sankatsing Nava, Project Manager at UNAWE, there was an enormous willingness to help by volunteers within, as well as outside the Sterrewacht: ‘With the volunteers we managed to provide fun, hands-on science activities for the kids every Saturday. The children needed continuity: their lives had been disrupted and the weekly activities provided both a fun learning opportunity and stability while they were in the emergency center.’

Wildlife of the Dutch North Sea coast

This summer 2016 video was recorded in and around Katwijk town, near the North Sea in the Netherlands. It shows wildlife; liking mating ladybugs, herring gulls and sea holly.

Red fox, rabbits, caterpillars video

This June 2016 video is about the sand dunes and the beach near Katwijk in the Netherlands. It shows a red fox, rabbits, birds, caterpillars and other wildlife.

Common rosefinch in Dutch Katwijk

This video is called Singing male common rosefinch (Carpodacus erythrinus).

On 23 May 2015, there was a common rosefinch at Zanderij in Katwijk, the Netherlands.

The male bird sang, sitting in a tree. Probably, he rested there for a while during his spring migration.

The rosefinch attracted quite some birders with telescopes and cameras.

Fin whale dies in North Sea

This 20 August 2014 video is about a lifeboat, tugging a drifting dead whale from the sea near Katwijk in the Netherlands to the beach near Scheveningen.

There, scientists of Naturalis museum investigated it today. It turned out to be a seventeen meter long adolescent male fin whale.

Most probably, the young whale died because of a collision with a ship; some of its vertebrae were crushed. Other possible causes of death: a killer whale attack; or a collision with a seawall.

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