29-year-old herring gull in Leiden city

This video from Britain says about itself:

The first few weeks in the life of a Herring Gull

14 December 2010

in the summer of 2010 two Herring gulls built a nest on the roof of our neighbours’ house. We watched in amazement as they hatched their chicks and we watched them grow over the coming weeks until the finally learnt to fly.

On 10 July 1986, a new-born female herring gull chick was ringed in the nesting colony in Wassenaar in the Netherlands.

Now, in 2015, that gull is still alive, as the Witte Weekblad paper in Leiden city of 26 August reported.

Being 29 years old, she is old for a herring gull. As far as we know, the oldest herring gull ever became 34 years old.

Gull Green F.AMA (called so because of the colour of, and the letters on, her ring) is often at the Leiden market for fish and cheese scraps.

Sometimes, she is in Katwijk as well.

USA: The western gull may seem common, but because these gulls hybridize frequently with glaucous-winged gulls, there are areas of their range where hybrids outnumber the population of pure-blooded birds. At one time the yellow-legged gull was also lumped with the western gull as a single species. Birders who know how to distinguish these gulls, however, will be thrilled to add such a distinctive, elegant bird to their life lists: here.

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