Spoonbill, goldfinch, and water vole

This is a common pochard video from Japan.

Today again to the “Baillon’s crake reserve”.

In a canal near the entrance, two male common pochard (later, a female).

Over ten tufted ducks, grey lag geese.

Canada geese, great crested grebes.

In the canal close to the southern lake, where I yesterday saw reed buntings and a blue tit in the reedbeds, now a little grebe, great crested grebe, Canada goose and mute swan swimming. And a female mallard with five ducklings.

Coot, moorhen, oystercatcher, lapwing.

In the southern lake, shoveler ducks.

Two black-tailed godwits standing in the water. Teal resting on banks. A gadwall swimming. Redshank sound.

On the footpath, a dead water vole.

This is a water vole video from Britain.

Water vole photos are here.

Water voles making a comeback… in Cheshire, at least: here.

Prisoners in Their Habitat? Generalist Dispersal by Habitat Specialists: A Case Study in Southern Water Vole: here.

Scottish water voles have been found to travel enormous distances, enabling them to persist in fragmented habitats: here.

At the northern lake: redshanks. Still hundreds of black-tailed godwits.

A kittle ringed plover again.

A hare running on the dike near the railway.

Two Canada geese drive away two mute swans.

A spoonbill between the great cormorants on a muddy island.

A chiffchaff singing.

A greenfinch singing.

In the northern meadow: a hare running, and Egyptian geese.

A goldfinch singing in a willow tree.

June 2011: Experts are celebrating rocketing numbers of water voles in Gloucestershire’s waterways after the latest survey showed hundreds were living in the county: here.

April 2011: The arrival of the European ‘brown’ hare in Mid Ulster and West Tyrone in Ireland, has prompted a stark warning about the future of the native Irish hare: here.

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