Blackbirds, parakeets and astronomy

Today, to the botanical garden.

Part of the botanical garden was taken away in the nineteenth century to build the astronomical observatory.

The astronomical observatory

This year, however, the observatory grounds were added to the botanical garden once again. Trees, mainly from Asia, have been planted there. There are patches for threatened plants from various types of soil (this part of the reconstruction is not finished yet).

And there is an interesting exhibition on astronomy on the ground floor of the observatory.

A female blackbird busy catching worms in the “old” part of the garden. There has not been a harsh winter so far, so worms stay close to the surface and are easy to catch.

Blackbird female

This a photo of that female blackbird, with soil on her bill from worm-catching.

More blackbirds. Jays. Ring-necked parakeets.

Snowdrop flowers.

In a tree near the observatory, a female ring-necked parakeet, calling.

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